• Christine Alexa

    Christine Alexa is the author with Today News Post providing valuable articles on technology, tech, product reviews, trending technology, future technology trends, and more on a knowledgable researcher. She continues to provide knowledgeable content to the audience.
  • Jackson Ronnie

    Jackson serves as the editor of Today News Post. He continuously keeping his eyes on the US and world health news, stories on viruses and disease outbreak, and updates. Jackson also provide ways to stay healthy tips for healthy living life.
  • Julia Koch

    Julia Koch in expert in delivering digital engaging content of Today News Post to the world.
  • Leonardo Jr

    Leo is always keeping us updated on entertainment, celebrity, movies, music news. Leonardo is the senior editor of Today News Post and he is always posting and publishing the content while keeping in mind the interset of the reader.
  • Mark Antony

    Mark continuous provide quality to all the content and continuously update all the article present all over the site on Today News Post. Mark keep an eye on and make sure the right post quality is delivered.
  • Michael Young

    Michael Young from the section, entertainment news provider regularly publishing news on the latest music, trending music and songs, top weekly music and albums.
  • Page Widely

    Page, expert for the latest breaking headlines from all around the world. All the latest news of the world is published under the inspection of Page. Covering Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Asia, UK and more as a senior publisher and editor of Today News Post
  • Phil Elizabeth

    Phil is an education strategist who is serving as the contributor in education for Today News Post. Phil is regularly explaining the importance of education and updates news to global audience.
  • Rahul Sharma

    Rahul is providing updates on Asian countries. He is very good at delivering posts on Asian and South Asian countries. He jointly works with Page Widely for breaking news and headlines.
  • Rebecca Pluto

    Rebecca is currently covering the Trump administration, political and election updates and previously she covered many important aspects of American Politics and Political changes. She regularly follows Trump press conferences, Congress, Senate, White House decisions, and updates including upcoming elections.
  • Stephen Charles

    Stephen Charles is editor of Today News Post he delivers news articles on Science, latest inventions and discoveries in science.
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