Lamborghini teaser previews rebirth of original Countach LP500

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Lamborghini’s Countach revival at last month’s Monterey Car Week perhaps didn’t quite make the splash the company was hoping for. Many critics skewered the reskinned Sian as a retro cash grab, leaving Acura’s vague announcement of a new Integra at the same time to generate far more excitement on the interwebs. Now Lamborghini’s teasing the return of another Countach, but we think this one will face sunbstantially less ire.

Lamborghini posted a mysterious teaser to social media yesterday, but kept coy on what exactly it was. The teaser’s text merely said, “50 years ago it paved the road to the future. Now it’s back on the road,” accompanied by a roaring V12 soundtrack. No image of the car is actually shown, but we do get footage of craftsmen crafting a fantastic bucket seat that looks like the love child of Irving Harper and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe sofas.

This is almost certainly a re-creation of the driver’s perch of the original Countach LP500 concept that debuted on March 11, 1971, at the Geneva Motor Show. The yellow Gandini wedge would go into production in 1974 and sear itself into the imaginations of adolescents around the globe.

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However, this isn’t a straightforward restoration project from Lamborghini’s Polo Storico restoration center. After the show rounds, the Countach LP500 concept was used as a test mule, its 5.0-liter V12 reportedly destroyed and replaced with a four-liter closer to the production LP400’s. Ultimately, according to Lamborghini, the concept gave its life in a 1974 crash test in order to homologate the production car.

As the car was scrapped, it’s technically not possible to restore the original. So, is Lamborghini re-creating the Countach LP500 concept? That part remains to be seen, but whatever it is, it’ll likely be a better homage to the legend than the LPI800-4.

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