Porsche expands its paint-to-sample program with new colors

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Increasing demand from buyers has convinced Porsche to expand its paint-to-sample program. It added more options to the palette of pre-approved colors, and it invested in new equipment for its paint shop in order to give more customers the option of configuring a unique car.

Porsche offers two paint-to-sample programs. The first one lets motorists choose from a list of pre-approved colors that are not found on the firm’s standard palette. It recently increased the number of available colors to over 160 by bringing back several historic shades. Not all colors are available on all models, however. Over 100 colors are offered for the 911 and the 718, about 50 for the Panamera, the Macan and the Cayenne, and 65 for the Taycan. Pricing is pegged at $11,430 for most 911 models, though the GT3‘s option costs $12,830.

Alternatively, buyers can tick the Paint-to-Sample Plus box to create a one-of-a-kind color that Porsche has never used before. Priced at $22,860 for most models, this process involves sending the company the desired sample (whether it’s a body panel, a piece of fabric, or something else) and waiting for the results of a feasibility study to come back. It’s an intricate process that can take up to 11 months, and Porsche pays for it if its engineers decide that the paint can’t be created. This option is available on all models except the Cayenne.


The paint shop in the Zuffenhausen, Germany, factory that builds the 911 and the 718 (among other models) received a new color mixing bank to keep up with demand. Porsche noted that it will soon be able to churn out about 20 paint-to-sample 911 models per day, up from five before the expansion. And, it added that selecting a paint-to-sample color does not increase the amount of time needed to build a car.

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If you’re not planning on buying a new Porsche, you’ll still be able to explore paint-to-sample possibilities via the firm’s online configurator.

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