Are you a nurse that has had to deal with an irate or anger patient and felt threatened? We offer wearable small discreet but powerful personal alarms devices that can cause them to calm down…

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Ebony pager alarm is very loud, small, wireless and portable, on/off switch with side activation, easy to attach to business attire, lab coats, scrubs, uniforms. The alarm is helpful in dark hallways, walking to car, irate patients and relatives, lunch rooms, transporting patients and many other situations. Activating the alarm alerts others that you need help. Any questions: [email protected]

…and alert others you need help right away. Of course these devices are good for any women who wants to be proactive and defend herself when out alone.
Attach to nurse uniform, lab coat,hotel uniform, business attire, clothing, purse, backpack, etc. or use as a money clip. Side activation, no cords around your neck, no ripcord or buttons for false activation. Easy clean for aesthetics. Ebony.
Available in Shiny Ebony and a Luminous Blush. Side Pressure Activation emits a Loud 120dB. 1 Replaceable-12v Battery Included (Plastic Strip Must Be Removed for Activation of Batteries). CE Certified. Approximately 3x2x1/2 Inches 3oz.
120 dB. Best of its kind alarm

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