Dobe PS4 Pro Dust Proof Pack Kits – 2-in-1 Dust Proof Dust Protector Prevention Cover Case Mesh Jack Stopper Pack Kits for Comfortable with Sony Playstation 4 Pro Gaming Console [Playstation 4 Pro]

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PS4 Pro gaming console dust-proof kit is designed for preventing the dust into the PS4 Pro console .
It can effectively prevent dirt and dust from entering the inner part of the PS4 Pro Gaming
Console and prolong the service life of the PS4 Pro gaming console . Recommendation of Seller!!!
USB HUB + Cooling fan for PS4 Pro:

Thanks for your support , this is the DOBE brand owner , the product is fullful by Amazon , support for 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you are not satisfied after experiencing your product,We will refund you 100% of what you paid.

Preventing the dust into the PS4 Pro Gaming Console, promote the life span
It contains a layer of cleaning sponge which can prevent the inhalation of dust while using the PS4 Pro Gaming Console
Just press the dust-proof mesh into the corresponding slot on the PS4 Pro Gaming Console and then can use it
This product can be repeatedly disassembled, recycled and won’t affect the service life of stopper and dust-proof mesh
Only need to insert it to the matched port on the PS4

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