DOKY- A Multi-Modal User Interface for Non-Visual Presentation, Navigation and Manipulation of Structured Documents on Mobile and Wearable Devices

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"Books Make Us Better Communicators
Because books improve our vocabulary, our communications skills improve.

Books Educate Us
Books quench our thirst for knowledge. Through books, we learn about how things work, understand different cultures, and comprehend the history of things. The right books are full of useful information that helps us become smarter, sharper, more skilled and more open to new ideas.

Books Keep Our Brain’s Healthy
When we read, our cognitive function and memory improve. The healthier your brain is, the more you are able to focus and develop your analytical skills.

Books Reduce Stress
Whether it’s science fiction, YA, romance novels, or autobiographies, books can help you relieve tension and relax.


Books Motivate Us
Books have the power to inspire and motivate us with stories of people who have made something of themselves despite the odds.

Books Stimulate Creativity
The right book can take us on adventures and inspire us to visualize new lands, dimensions, and alternate universes. Through reading, our imagination is ignited, and we open up our minds to new possibilities. Even non-fiction books on science and technology have the power to stir our creativity and stimulate innovative and inventive ideas."

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