Urinal Bag Portable Wearable Urinal +Urine Bag Collector +Toilet Elastic Waistband 1000ml Reusable Pee Bag (Female)

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Capacity: 1000ml

Package size: 116x175x70mm

Tow Styles: Man, Woman

Material: Medical Rubber

Package Includes:1 x urine bag collector

Urinal Bag1Urinal Bag1

Urinal Bag2Urinal Bag2


360° three-dimensional leakproof

High quality medical silicone

Highly breathable

Wear fit

Urinal Bag2Urinal Bag2

The connection between the urinal and the urinary tube is tight and it is not easy to fall off.

Urinal Bag3Urinal Bag3

Reflow soft edge design to increase leakage prevention

Urinal Bag5Urinal Bag5

Suspension design

Urinal Bag2Urinal Bag2

Urinal Bag2Urinal Bag2

Urinal Bag3Urinal Bag3

Urinal Bag5Urinal Bag5

Urinal Bag6Urinal Bag6

Urinal Bag7Urinal Bag7

Silicone hose without stimulation

Portable Wearable Urinal +Urine Bag Collector +Toilet Elastic Waistband

How long does it take to replace the urinary device?

The specific use time of the urinary device is related to factors such as cleaning and maintenance and the environment. In order to ensure the user’s comfort, it is recommended to purchase 2 sets of urinary devices for alternate replacement. The urinary device should be cleaned and kept clean and hygienic. It is recommended to remove the urine to make the skin fully breathable

Easy to solve the problem of restless sleep

No need to be caught off guard

Happy life quality improvement for the elderly

Urinal Bag8

Urinal Bag8

Urinal Bag9

Urinal Bag9

Urinal Bag10

Urinal Bag10

The wide elastic band is used, which is not easy to be deformed and is suitable for different waist groups.Re-useable, easy to clean. Unique padded rim creates a better seal and increased comfort as compared to typical urinals.
Considerate design for people who suffer urinary incontinence, this urinal can give you the freedom to get out for longer periods.And reduce the workload of caregivers.
The sheath attaches to the stretchable jock strap. The fluid bag attaches to the sheath and is worn suspended around the leg. The sheath can also be worn alone.
Wonderful aid for continent people with mobility disorders, urinary frequency, post operations, have difficulty ambulating to bathroom, Etc. Also great for traveling and camping.

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