WAYSKIN Personal Wearable Device for Skin Care, Moisture Analysis for Smartphone (Black)

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Product Description

WAYSKIN provides objective and professional skin condition readings based on highly credible data obtained through BIA technology, typically used in body composition analyzers such as Inbody.


1. Skincare Advice, Anytime, Anywhere

WAYSKIN for your skin, 24/7, right on time
WAYSKIN measures and analyzes your llifestyle pattern and the environmental factors around you to provide the most effective skincare solution.

2. Skin Hydration Plan, Right When Your Skin Needs It

Simply press against the cheek to get your moisture readings
Hydration is the key to prevent your skin from aging.
WAYSKIN allows youto easily check your skin moisture index and to get expert skin hydration feedback.

WAYSKIN Collects and Analyzes the Condition of Your Surroundings via Internal Environment Sensors (Humidity, UV, and Skin Moisture Sensor). This Helps You Protect Your Skin from Damaging UV Rays and Moisture-Deficient Environments. WAYSKIN Alerts You When Risk are Detected and Provides Guidelines on How to Minimize Harm to Your Skin. At Work, at Play, and in Your Sleep.

3. Environment Notifications on Skin-Damaging Factors

Protect your skin with smart notifications
WAYSKIN measures UV and Humidity levels around you to provide smart environment notifications to protect your skin from damage.

4. A Guide to a Balanced Skin and Improved Sensitivity Level

The one and ony sutom guide to a better skin
From daily water intake guide to personalized skincare tops by your period cycle.
WAYSKIN provides the ultimate skincare solution tailored just for you and your better skin.

A Day with WAYSKIN; Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Day with a Single Smart and Innovative Device

The smartest skincare your skin needs throughout the day.
Let WAYSKIN become your new skin lifestyle.
WAYSKIN, the ony thing you will need more than any beauty product.

AM 8:00 Morning / Home
WAYSKIN starts your day;  Skin moisture index check with a simple touch

AM 11:15 Morning / Office
WAYSKIN plans your skin hydration solution; Different soutions for 5 skin condition types

PM 2:45 Afternoon / Outdoors
WAYSKIN guides you to effective skin protection; Environment sensing system for UV index & harmful environment factors*
* UV index and enviroment factors notification may not offer the countries you live in.

PM 5:40 Late Afternoon / Home or Office
WAYSKIN cares every little part of your life; Daily water intake guide and personalized skincare tips planned by your period cycle

The Small and Compact Size Wearable Device for Skin with Your Smartphone

PM 10:20 Night / Home
WAYSKIN gives you a today’s review with the daily collected skin data
Daily skin record summary and environment graph at a glance

So Small but it never compromises it’s beauty
Ultra-light, super mini size which fits in a cosmetic pouch; Convenient built-in battery with no need to replace the batteries.
Sophisticated design exemplifed by the shape of flowers


Size: 58mm x 58mm x 13.3mm (2.3″ x 2.3″ x 0.5″) Weight: 23.5g (0.83 oz) Color: White&Silver / Black&Gold Material: Anodized Aluminium, Polycarbonate Battery Operation Time: 5~7 days after full charge* Battery Durability: More than 3 years under the general use condition Waterproof: Not available* OS: iOS 8 and above, Android 4.3 and above Bluetooth Version: 4.0(BLE) Hardware:
       Skin Moisture Sensor,
       UV Sensor,
       Humidity Sensor,
       3-Asix Accelerometer,
       Vibration Motor,
       LED Light Operation Temperature: 0~55℃ (32℉~131℉) Country of Origin: South Korea Certifacation: CE, FCC, KCC, SRRC, TELEC

* Download the app, “WAYSKIN” for free from App Store or Google Play after you purchase WAYSKIN device
* Operation time may vary depending on use case
* No Water Resistance, Do not use the device at high humid place

Analizes Skin Conditon; Monitors Environment
Track your period ; Get notification through connected mobile device
Provides Beauty Tips
Compaatibility: iOS 8 and above, Android 4.3 and above

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