WiFi Extender – WiFi Repeater, WiFi Booster Suitable for All Routers, Covers Up to 2500 Sq.ft and 30 Devices, Up to 1200Mbps Dual Band WiFi Repeater with 2 Ethernet Port

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Product Description

Why do you need an Agedate WiFi Extender?

There are many rooms in the house, and the WiFi signal in some rooms is very weak. Agedate WiFi extender can extend WiFi signal to these roomsDoorbells, surveillance cameras, printers, and computers are far away from the router but need continuous signals. WiFi extenders can provide them with continuous and stable signalsDo you want to watch a movie in the garden? Do you want to play games in the garage? Agedate WiFi extender will be a good assistant for you to enjoy a good time!


Product Features:

Up to 1200Mbps transmission rateTwo working modes of relay/APWPS one-key encryption buttonNetwork port supports wired accessLightweight design, beautiful and portableFour external antennas make the relay signal more stableSimple and friendly operation interface, eliminating tedious configurationPowerful expansion capability, ultimate high-speed WiFi enjoyment.Powerful hardware configuration, exert stronger wireless performance.


The lights on both sides are on for 20 seconds, the red light on the right starts to flash for 2 seconds. After three seconds, the green light starts to flash slowly and the extender will start up.

How To Use WPS Quick Install Button?

Step 1: Plug in your WiFi Extender and wait for 25 seconds

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Step 2: Press the WPS button on the router for 3-4 seconds

Step 3: Press the WPS button of the WiFi Extender for 4-6 seconds

Step 4: The red LED flashes quickly, the red led will be on 2 seconds

Step 5: Open the WiFi setting interface of your device, click to connect WiFi extender and enter your host router password.

Setup is complete!


There is a hole on the left side of the repeater, and that is the reset hole. You only need to insert it with a pen tip or a pin and press it for 5 seconds to complete the reset.

Q1: How to get a better WiFi signal?

Please place the extender close to the router first. After the setup is complete, move it to an area with weak signal for expansion.

Q2: What should I do if my extender disconnects frequently?

If the extender is disconnected frequently, please shorten the distance between the router and the extender.

Q3: What should I do if the repeater is connected well and the Internet speed is slow?

Check the status of the amplifier extension light. If it is red, move the amplifier position until the extension light is green. We recommend placing the extender in the middle between the router and the WiFi dead zone.

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Q4: If I need to reconfigure the extender, how to reset it?

The reset button is on the side of the extender. Please press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and then release it. Wait for the factory settings to be restored. When the system light turns off and then lights up again, you can start resetting.

If the router network in your home is poor, or there is no network, then the WiFi extender will also lose the network. Please make sure your home router’s network is working properly before use.The extension range of the wifi extender can only extend up to 2500FT. If your house is very large, please purchase more than one wifi extender in combination to achieve no WiFi dead zone in your homeIf you do not find the WPS button on the router at home, please use the wireless setting methodThe WiFi extender needs to be plugged into the socket all the time when in use

【Super Easy to Set Up】▷ Set up/install is a breeze! When you use wireless settings, it will automatically jump to the settings page, no need to enter any URL! Literally take 30 seconds to setup, and 5 seconds to install.
【WPS Button】▷ Press the WPS button on the WiFi Extender and Router, you can start the extender in working mode within 1 minute. Use WPS button, You don’t worry about forgetting your password, Just 5 seconds, You can complete the repeater reset!
【Security & Privacy Protection】▷ No need to worry about information leakage! Voltage protection/WEP/WPA/WPA2 protection and lightning protection to maximize user security. we provide you with personal information protection, so your information only we know.
【Up to 1200Mbps & 2500 Sq.ft】▷ 2020 December version ( 2.4GHz – 300Mbps / 5GHz – 867Mbps ), up to 1200Mbps and Connects up to 30 devices. Wifi booster creates reliable high-speed Wi-Fi without interference.
【Universal Compatibility & 100% Enthusiastic service】▷ This WiFi Extender has been tested to be compatible with 99% routers on the market, and can be used with any standard router or gateway. If you have any questions, please contact us, our enthusiasm will always be with you.

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