Cuckoo Tankless Countertop Water Dispenser with Carbon, Nano positive, Mild-Alkaline Mineral Infusion filters, Easy Install, and Alarm, Made in Korea, 14.9″ x 5.3″ x 14.4″, White

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Cuckoo, always new. with 40 years of experience and a dominant presence in 30 nations, Cuckoo has established itself as a premier home Appliance brand in Asia. We have 100% Brand recognition in Korea and are excited to bring that success to the us. The Cuckoo research and development team worked hard to combine industry leading filter technology, advanced features, and intuitive design into an experience unrivaled in the us. filters are the most important part of any water purification system, so that’s where we started. pre-carbon 2. 0: This filter does the heavy lifting, reducing heavy metals (lead), particulates, odor, Color, organic substances, chlorine, THM, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and cysts. Recommended replacement every 4 months. Nano positive: The static electric charge in our Nano positive filter attracts harmful charged particles eliminating 99. 99% of viruses and bacteria while allowing beneficial minerals to pass. It also removes any residual heavy metals, germs, algae and fungi. Recommended replacement every 12 months. mineralizer: it is not enough to simply remove the Bad stuff from your water. This filter creates a mineral enriched, mild alkaline healthy water that supplies critical nutrients such as potassium, calcium and magnesium and helps balance ph. Recommended replacement every 12 months. now, how to create an intuitive, user friendly unit? Filter replacement alarm: no need to set a filter change reminder on your phone, paper or email calendar, Cuckoo does that for you. Touch control panel W/ mood light: simple, clean and elegance. Compact design W/ direct flow: no dirty water tanks or bottles, designed to fit in any living space. Put this wherever you desire fresh water. Simple DIY install: easy install with standard faucet adapter or T-Valve under your sink – both included with install Kit. Either way, you will never need to fill a water pitcher (Congrats! ) or buy a plastic water bottle again #go Green #earth day

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Powerful filtration W/ mineral infusion – Cuckoo three filter Carbon + Nano + mineralizer technology not only removes harmful bacteria – viruses – odor – Lead – giardia cysts – germs – algae – fungi – organic substances – chlorine – THM – VOCs – heavy metals and other contaminants but adds in essential minerals.
Direct flow mineral infusion: cuckoo’s direct flow technology (no storage tank) ensures you are always drinking clean water. The mineralizer filter provides an all-natural mineral boost creating a mild alkaline water full of nutrients essential to life. Cuckoo’s mild alkaline water promotes a balanced pH with a mineral boost of: calcium, Magnesium and potassium.
Filter replacement alarm with easy filter change: cuckoo’s filter replacement System informs you when each filter needs to be changed and specifies the exact filter to change. Cuckoo worked hard to develop the simplest filter change on the market – no twisting, turning, hassle or leaks.
Elegant and compact design with touch control panel: cuckoo’s sleek, compact and slim design is cetlus certified and perfect for all living spaces. Designed to fit under any set of cabinets at only 14. 6″ And 5. 25” wide you will barely notice the space This takes up.
with simple DIY installation. Two types of install: 1) kitchen faucet – smart sink adapter (kit includes 3 fitting sizes) easily Fits the majority of kitchen faucets 2) under counter – simple connect T-Valve Adapter. Estimated 15 minutes to install and you never have to fill a water pitcher or buy plastic bottles again! #Go Green #earth day #do your part.
Item Shape: Rectangle
Included Components: Filter Change Guide

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