VOLUEX Space Heater,Small Space Heater Portable Heater,Electric Heater,3S Fast Heating 1000W Ceramic Heater with Thermostat & Fingerprint Sensor Adjustment for Bedroom Office Desk Indoor Use

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To offset the chill in a drafty room or to give your home’s heating system a little boost,you may need a space heater.

Who needs a space heater ?

Perhaps there’s an area of your home that has noticeably poorer heat distribution.


Or maybe you want to save money by spot-heating a room(or yourself!)instead of wasting energy by filling the entire space with hot air or pumping heat into a room with no one in it.

Maybe your office is too cold,and you want a small,personal heater to keep at your desk.

Then,this VOLUEX mini space heater is what you are looking for,tailored for small spaces in the office and home.

If you do think you need a new heater,don’t wait for the cold weather to hit.Come and join us,this small space heater is worthy of every family!


Little guy to embellish your family


Things you must pay attention to when using this small space heater!

1、When the space heater is working,it is FORBIDDEN to cover the air outlet and to buckle on any plane.

2、When the space heater is working,DO NOT touch the front metal mesh to avoid scalding.

3、DO NOT block the air intake,the distance between the heater and the wall is more than 3.94 inches.

Portable Ceramic Space Heater,Electric Heater with Thermostat & Overheat Protection

One little heater that warm you the all winter


Power: 1000W

Material: Flame retardant+Metal mesh+ABS+TPC ceramic

Rated Voltage and frequency: 220V 50HZ

Item weight: 1.54 pounds

Item size: 5.75 inches x 4.02 inches x 5.16 inches

Color: White







Small space heater

Portable space heater is convenient and practical.

Keep you warm and focus

Suitable for Office, Home, Tabletop Under Desk Floor Indoor Use.Quiet operation helps you can concentrate on your work.

Meticulous companionship from little heater

No matter where you are in the house, the heater will warm you anytime.










Large air outlet design, wider air outlet area, faster heating.


Any side of the heater housing can be placed.All 12 triangular surfaces on the side of the shell can be used.Keep the heater steady.


One-button switch, safe power off, no need to worry and power-saving.


1st Click : Low Heat Output (600W)

2nd Click: High Heat Output(1000W)

3rd Click: Turn Off (60s wholly off)


『GET READY FOR COLD WINTER』 – The space heaters for indoor use with high-end fingerprint sensor adjustment, you just need to gently place your finger on the button, you can easily switch back and forth between low heat and high heat.The compact size does not take up any space, elegant white is also a nice decoration in your home. You can enjoy the warmth from the room heater no matter where you are.
『SMALL SPACE HEATER, A LARGE AMOUNT OF HEAT』 – The electric space heater has a PTC ceramic QUICK-HEATING heating element, which can save energy and power when heating at constant temperature. The large air outlet design made of metal grid makes the air outlet area wider and heats faster. And there is no open flame, no light, no loss of oxygen, healthy and comfortable.The small space heater can let you quickly feel the warmth.
『SMALL PORTABLE SPACE HEATER』 – The small space heater’s dimensions: 5.75″ x 4.02″ x 5.16″, 1.54 pounds lightweight. Easy to carry around.This small space heater uses a special and trendy hexagon shape design, with 12 triangular surfaces, no matter how you put it, you can put it there firmly,ergonomic design makes you feel more at ease in use.One-key “on” and “off” buttons, power off safely,saving your time and money.
『MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL』 – The space heater’s outer shell is made of ABS material, and the inside is made of PA66+GF30 fire-retardant material to effectively prevent fire. Good heat dissipation performance, high safety and 0 fire hazard. It is very suitable for families with children and pets, whether in the bedroom, living room, garage, counter or office.
『WARM YOU WHEREVER YOU NEED』 – The small space heater is very quiet and comfortable. Tests show that the decibel when working is <50dB, which is even quieter than the library!It is very suitable for you to use it in the office and bedroom. At night, it will also work quietly and care for you to fall asleep.Not only does it not produce noise and interfere with your work, but it also brings you warmth when it is cold.

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