Review of the 10-Inch 2K Aeezo Digital Photo Frame: A Fantastic Way to Display Your Photos

Aeezo’s 10-inch Dream Plus digital photo frame is a smart device that displays your photos and videos digitally and can be loaded via a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS system. Its size and color scheme are suitable for most home and office decor, with ample built-in storage and an ultra-high resolution touchscreen display. This frame draws on numerous popular photographic methods and social media sites, boosting the probability of non-technical users getting started fast.

Pros:     Cons:
Professionally designed frame appearance Video length is limited to 15s
Ultra-high resolution 
Virtually no reflections  
Responsive HD touch screen 
Automatic portrait/landscape adaptation   
Stable base 
Intuitive and simple operation steps   

Frame Specifications

·Price: $169.99                       ·10.1-inch HD screen

·16GB RAM                          ·2048*1536 2K IPS FHD Display

·Video support                       ·Wall-mounted or desktop mounting    


·USB/SD slots                        ·Remote transmission support  

·2.4G and 5G WiFi support

People are increasingly preferring to snap photos with high-quality cameras and smartphones, therefore digital photo frames are all the rage these days. If you enjoy photography, you may want a smart digital photo frame to exhibit your great photographs, and the 10” 2K DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME – AEEZO DREAM PLUS is a nice choice.

Aeezo 10.1-inch 2K digital photo frame review: Design

Aeezo’s photo frame line includes a wide range of items, but this review focuses on the Aeezo Dream Plus digital photo frame with the greatest resolution. This 10-inch frame is offered in black and white, two colors that could almost be called versatile, but obviously, only you can decide if this fits your home decor, so we won’t give any subjective judgments on that.

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The frame border is a low-profile matte design that takes into consideration the texture and appears more like a real wood frame. The vertical wood grain look on the rear of the frame, as well as the clean lines, make the frame feel good to touch.

Aeezo 10.1-inch 2K digital photo frame review: Use and Performance

The frame has 16GB of built-in storage space that can be used as a cache for photos and videos, and under normal circumstances, if your frame goes offline, you will find that you still have the current set of images. The side of the frame is also designed with an SD slot to meet the needs of users who have high requirements for storage space. In addition to photos, the Aeezo frame supports you to add videos, providing audio through the built-in basic speaker, but this is only available for short videos not exceeding 15 seconds. (The frame does not support adding motion pictures)

The touch screen of this Dream Plus smart photo frame is an IPS HD screen with 2048×1536 resolution, which is obviously much clearer than the ordinary Aeezo 10-inch electronic photo frame. In fact, I was worried at the beginning whether the brightness of the screen would be dazzling if it was too bright, but the brightness of this frame can be adjusted by itself, and the brightness is not harsh even when it is set to the highest level.

Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, the image will automatically switch between portrait and landscape depending on where the frame is located. If the photo display is not satisfactory, you can directly tap the image to capture the part you like. The downside is that when viewing photos, the transition effect of the frame is monotonous, and live photos taken by iPhone devices cannot be displayed in full in the frame.

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Aeezo 10.1-inch 2K digital photo frame review: Image Quality

The ordinary 10-inch frame and this 2K frame are both IPS displays, IPS technology ensures wide viewing angles and precise color reproduction. Nevertheless, as the name implies, the most significant difference between these two frames is the resolution. The resolution of these two frames may be plainly discerned by the human eye in the same 10.1-inch size. If you are very picky about image quality, you will love the Dream Plus 2K frame.

As the photo is automatically rotated according to the frame orientation, the backdrop will be covered with natural blur. Alternatively, you may configure the frame to automatically trim the image for full-frame display. The AEEZO digital photo frame also has a number of adjustable options, such as sleep mode, display brightness, auto advance timer, caption on/off, image position modification, and more!

Aeezo 10.1-inch 2K digital photo frame review: Interface

The 10.1-inch 2K digital photo frame features a touchscreen panel that displays the main menu with a tap in the center of the screen. The main menu is easy to navigate and covers most settings, including “Add friend”, “Gallery”, “Settings”, “Hide photo”, “Fit to frame” and “Adjust photo”, simply click on the corresponding option to access and control the frame.

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There are two ways to view the image, fit to the frame and filling the frame, the extra part on both sides of the photo will be automatically blurred in the filling frame mode.The downside is that other types of Aeezo photo frames can be adjusted by swiping up and down on the screen to adjust the brightness and volume, while for the Aeezo 10.1-inch 2K digital photo frame, if you want to adjust the brightness, you need to adjust it in the “Display” option in “Settings”; if you want to adjust the volume, you need to adjust it in the “Slideshow” option in “Settings”, which is a little troublesome.

Aeezo 10.1-inch 2K digital photo frame review: Application

Aeezo Photo Frame comes with one of the leading photo sharing platforms – Aimor. After downloading the application on your Android or iOS mobile device, you can start sharing pictures to the frame. Simply view the code from the frame and you can start transferring pictures from anywhere, without subscription fees or data traffic restrictions.

Ideas for using the frame

Aeezo has many different types of photo frames, but I think the Dream Plus 2K digital photo frame should be one of the most impressive. Its moderate size blends perfectly with any decorated room, and most importantly the 2K high resolution bright and clear screen lets the personality of your images take charge of the visual landscape, and its simplicity and ease of use make it a favored gift for elders.

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