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6 Tips for Making a Great First Impression in College

You have made it to college and are ready to make a great impression on your teachers, classmates, and friends. But how do you do that? I know what some of you are thinking: “Just be myself!” And while that’s true in many cases (after all, who wants to be someone else?), there are times when being yourself is not the best approach.

Here are six tips for making an incredible first impression in college:

Create Bonds With Roommates

The importance of impressing in college cannot be understated. Your roommate will likely have a significant impact on your college experience. Therefore, ensure you are not coming off as an uptight, unapproachable snob who’s afraid to engage with others.

Show that you are friendly, respectful, and open to new experiences by making an effort to connect with people from all walks of life – including those who might not be as high-achieving or wealthy as yourself.


Establish a Strong Relationship With Your Professor

Many students mistake ignoring their professors in high school, thinking that college will be different. But it won’t be! Professors are still people who like to feel appreciated and respected. That is why it’s so essential to establish a strong relationship with them from the very beginning of the semester.

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The best way to start on the right foot is by being friendly and polite when you meet them for the first time in class or introduce yourself during office hours. You should also consider asking questions about their coursework, such as what kind of projects they will be assigning or how much writing they expect from students over the semester (you can usually find this information on Blackboard). 

Hire an Essay Writer

This is a good idea if you’re in college and struggling to get work done. Hiring an essay writer at write my essay 4 me is a great way to finish your papers on time without worrying about their quality. In addition, you can hire an essay writer for any of your assignments, as well as for research projects and other things that you need help with to complete them.

Hiring an essay writer is simple: go online at writemyessays or call up the number on the website of the company where you found their service and tell them what it needs writing (and how much time they have before they need it). They should be able to give you an estimate immediately so there won’t be any delays or misunderstandings when it comes down to ensuring everything gets done correctly.

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Actively Participate in Class

Taking active participation in class is a critical way to introduce yourself. This means being on time, prepared, respectful, enthusiastic, engaged, and interested. It also means asking questions and not being afraid to speak up.

Taking active class participation may seem obvious. However, it’s easy for students new to college to slip into the habit of sitting back and letting others take center stage during class discussions or presentations. While this can be tempting for shy students or those still getting used to their surroundings, you must become an active member of your classes from the start. Doing so will show others how invested (and smart) you are.

Focus on the Improvement of Your Knowledge and Understanding

It is important to remember that this time in college is not just about impressing others but also about improving yourself. You can study and read up on a topic before giving your presentation or opinion.

Reading beforehand will ensure that you are knowledgeable about the subject and can speak confidently when addressing it during class discussions or group work sessions.

Ask Intelligent Questions

The best way to make a good first impression is by asking intelligent questions. When you ask the professor a question, it shows them that you are interested in their study area, which is essential for future assignments and papers.

  • Ask about the course material.
  • Ask about the professor’s research.
  • Ask about their background as an educator, either before or after college (or both!)
  • Ask about their interests outside of school/professorship recommendations (what do they like to read? watch? listen to?)
  • Consider asking them if they want any help with anything or if they need help to find this information on their own (e.g., if they have no idea what an APA-style reference list looks like).
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There you have it: these six tips are essential in introducing yourself to college life. Remember to focus on the process of learning rather than just trying to get good grades. This will help you become a better student and improve your chances of getting into graduate school later.

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