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Hobbies That Are Conducive to Stress Relief

It can’t be denied that modern life is packed to the brim with stress. From working to maintaining relationships to basic self-care, most of us have no shortage of stressors in our lives. While stress may be unavoidable, allowing yourself to be overcome by it very much is. When looking for effective ways to combat rising stress levels, you’d do well to consider certain hobbies. As you’ll find, some hobbies can provide you with an all-around fun time while keeping your stress levels firmly in check.

Physical Fitness

Unsurprisingly, many of us see physical fitness as being conducive to stress, not stress relief. However, regular exercise can help release endorphins, increase stamina levels and improve general outlook, all of which can prove helpful at combating stress. Of course, this isn’t to say that enjoying the benefits of physical fitness will require you to spend hours a day sweating it out at the gym. Devoting just 30 minutes a day to engaging in moderate physical activity can have a noteworthy impact on mood, physical health and stress levels. For example, a half-hour walk or bike ride can be enough to meet your daily fitness quota.

If you don’t think you have sufficient time to devote to physical fitness, why not make some? For instance, getting up half an hour earlier than usual and using that time for exercise can help you start the day on a refreshing and energetic note. If you aren’t an early riser, devoting 30 minutes of your lunch break to working out can be a great way to squeeze a daily workout into a busy schedule. People who prefer to exercise after work can satisfy their fitness quota with a half-hour stroll before or after dinner. 

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Drawing and Painting 

Creative outlets can be fantastic stress relief tools – and drawing and painting are no exception. In addition to enabling you to connect with your artistic side, drawing and painting are the perfect vehicles through which to express a broad range of emotions. Instead of allowing your feelings to pile up and eat away at you from within, putting them on paper and turning them into art can help you power through difficult situations and dispel large amounts of stress.

Furthermore, one needn’t be an experienced artist to enjoy the benefits of these creative outlets. All art is subjective, and when using drawing and painting as vehicles for stress relief, the goal shouldn’t be to create pieces that appeal to other people’s sensibilities, as yours is the only opinion that matters in this endeavor.   


Keep in mind that drawing and painting aren’t the only stress-relieving creative outlets. Anything that enables you to get in touch with your inner artist and give form to your feelings is likely to have a similar impact on your stress levels.

Recreational Cannabis Use (Where it’s Legal)

If recreational cannabis use is legal in your neck of the woods, marijuana strains that are effective at relieving stress may be worth looking into. Interested parties with little to no cannabis experience would do well to defer to the experts at their preferred dispensaries. For example, Canadian citizens in the market for stress-relieving strains should get in touch with the best Canada weed shops.

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Playing Video Games

While gaming isn’t necessarily a hobby people think of when seeking out stress relief, it’s worth noting that not all modern games are high-energy feasts for the senses. In fact, some games are designed with stress relief and relaxation in mind. Dedicated and casual gamers on the hunt for relaxation-inducing titles should consider Journey, Abzu, Stardew Valley and Tetris Effect – among many others. These games are available on an extensive assortment of platforms, so no matter which consoles, computers or mobile devices you own, you should have no problem finding them. 

With an active pandemic entering its third year, cost-of-living continuing to rise and a seemingly endless array of additional stressors plaguing many Americans, there’s little wonder as to why stress is on the upswing. These days, it seems like every conceivable facet of life has at least one stress-adjacent component, and simply navigating the travails of daily life can be a considerable challenge. In the interest of keeping your stress levels in check, you should devote time to hobbies that improve your mindset and leave you in a relaxed state. Anyone unclear on the best options should consider the pastimes discussed above. 

Note:– This article is for informational purposes only. Before following any guide mentioned here please consult your personal doctor first.

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