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How to apply for a master’s degree in the USA?

American universities and graduate programs in the United States are the most popular Google searches for higher education, according to the BBC. And this is not surprising, because at least six US universities are among the TOP 100 higher education institutions in the world according to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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Master’s programs at American universities are a great opportunity for students from other countries to improve their qualifications, gain in-depth knowledge in a certain field and experience. Among other things, many students receive an OPT work permit after graduation.
But how can you be sure that you can enroll in a master’s program after graduating from a foreign university? We have collected all the necessary information for you and decided to share useful tips that will help you get higher education in the USA.

General information about Master’s degree programs in the United States

Duration of study: 2 years


Number of academic credits: 34 or more
Students can enroll and study for a master’s degree in the United States after completing a bachelor’s program at a foreign university. You need to apply for admission in advance, you need to start choosing a university and a training program a year before the start of training.
Each university may have its entrance requirements. But most often, to enroll in a master’s program, you need to provide such documents:
Bachelor’s degree (the university needs to know what subjects you have studied and what your average GPA score is)

  • TOEFL or IELTS test result
  • GRE test result
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Motivation and recommendation letters from teachers, your resume (CV)

Some universities offer training programs where you can not only improve your English to the required level but also already start studying some subjects of the master’s program.

Tips for future students: How to enroll in a master’s program in the United States

Tip 1 Choose the right Master’s degree and Major

At every American university, you can find a master’s degree program that will meet your requirements. As a rule, you will find such Master’s degrees in all universities in the United States:

— Master of Arts (MA),

— Master of Science (MS, MSc),

— Master of Research (MRes).

Also, US universities are popular for their professional programs at the master’s level and provide diplomas in specific areas:

— Master of Laws,

— Master of Architecture,

— Master of Fine Arts,

— Master of Music,

— Master of Education,

– Master of Business Administration, etc.

You can read detailed information about the types of master’s degrees in the United States on our blog.
Before choosing a master’s degree at a US university, we advise you to decide on a specialty. Here are a few of the many options that you can choose from in American universities:

  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Masters in Media Management
  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Masters of Engineering
  • Masters in Psychology

Tip 2 Choose a suitable university in the USA

We recommend choosing a university by the following criteria:

· University rating

· Location of the educational institution

* Strong university specialties

* Availability of an internship during the master’s degree program in the USA

· Tuition fees and discounts

Here are a few US educational institutions that we recommend considering for studying at master’s degree programs:

  • Pace University 
  • Publicdelphi University 
  • University of Illinois 
  • Roosevelt University 
    State University Corvallis
  • Bioengineering University of South Florida 
  • Auburn University Auburn
  • Northeastern University 
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Tip 3 Prepare well for university admission

Choosing a university in the USA and a master’s program is only 50% of your way. It remains to prepare for admission, which means that you need to study the entrance requirements of American higher educational institutions.

Here are a few features of the application process:

American universities accept documents for training online. You need to provide good enough copies of the documents
Make sure that you have planned to take the GMAT or GRE test. These tests are mandatory for foreign students 
Most students apply to 3-5 universities to improve their chances. You should also do this
Universities require payment of a registration fee for reviewing documents, from $ 75 to $ 100. 
Foreign students must pass the English language test IELTS or TOEFL
When applying for a master’s degree, US universities pay attention to the average score of a bachelor’s degree. The minimum GPA level is 3.0
If you have a low score on a bachelor’s degree or a low level of English, many universities can offer you an additional preparatory course

The entrance process to American universities for master’s degree programs begins a year before the desired start date of study — in September. Based on the fact that most students cannot include a bachelor’s degree in the package of documents for admission (since they receive a diploma only in the summer), we recommend preparing an official extract of grades from a university for three years of undergraduate studies.
We have noticed that often bachelor’s degree programs at universities do not meet American academic requirements. Therefore, some US educational institutions ask students to undergo additional training to get loans and only then enroll in a master’s program.
For this not to be a surprise for you, we advise you to plan enrollment for the master’s program in advance. 
Tip 4 Prepare the documents for admission to the master’s program

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Different universities and different programs will require a different list of documents. You should not be puzzled by this. Before enrolling, we compile a complete list of documents that meet the requirements of a particular US educational institution. In any case, this list of basic requirements will help you:

* Extracts of grades from the university 

* Resume/CV

* GMAT/GRE test results

· English Language Test results

* Motivation Letter

* Letters of recommendation from university teachers
Tip 5 Find out the deadlines for applying to US universities

The deadline for applying for a master’s degree in the United States depends on the level of the university and the semester. Recall that the master’s degree program at US universities begins twice a year – in autumn and winter. In some universities, there is even a start of training from the summer semester, but this is extremely rare.

The best American universities accept documents for master’s programs from September to
December. The earlier you submit your documents, the more chances you have to enroll in a master’s program in the United States.

Deadlines also depend on the program, the specialty for which you are applying. Please note that places in popular specialties at US universities run out very quickly.

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