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How to get more reviews and not ruin your reputation

Statistics show that the number of reviews is directly related to conversion: the more reviews, the higher the sales. Many social media specialists even buy real Instagram followers so that more people know about them and write a positive review.

However, in pursuit of the number of reviews, one should not forget about their quality and content. Positive feedback from real people attracts new customers and raises the rating of the company and the product. Negative reviews can seriously damage a brand’s reputation. Of course, you can try to forget about your damaged reputation and buy Instagram followers to work with a new audience, but this does not always help save the business.

It is also worth remembering that by analyzing the clients’ opinion, you can gain a lot of information about your product, service and employees’ work, as well as identify possible growth points for your business. You can get to know your consumer personally and find out what exactly he values ​​and what annoys him. You don’t need any expensive marketing research. The main thing is to properly take this data array and get all the useful information from it.

Conclusion: positive reviews have a positive effect on sales, and properly structured work with feedback will reveal insights and identify growth points for the business.

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To find out how a customer feels about your business, ask them for a post-purchase review. This can be done via SMS or email, or at the point of sale using a QR code.


You can come up with methods to encourage and motivate the consumer to write a review. A small gift or a discount on your next purchase can be such an incentive.

Create a separate link for leaving feedback. The user should see a large inscription on which he will understand where to go and which field to fill in. On the screen, the buyer should see the name of your company and a question whether he liked the service or product.

To widely disseminate information about a product or company, partner with various websites that specialize in collecting reviews about different companies.

Continuously monitor reviews and try to resolve buyers’ problems as quickly as possible. Often it is the speed of reaction to criticism that allows you to change the initial opinion of the client and restore his loyalty.

Correctly structured systematic work with reviews quickly yields results: the number of reviews increases, the company’s rating rises if the company responds to reviews. Users can also see in what tone the company communicates with them, how it solves problems and helps its customers, see that it is interested in their opinion. All this creates the image of the company, maintains its positive reputation and leads to an increase in the flow of customers.

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Remember that the reputation of your company and, as a result, the profit from sales depends only on you. If you don’t put in the effort of consistent customer engagement, you won’t get the results you want.

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