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How to gracefully cope with unexpected situations

Unexpected situations can happen in anyone’s life. Unanticipated transitions occur in relationships and at work, or you could experience a change in your mental or physical health. While you may spend a great deal of energy and time trying to avoid it, change in most cases is inevitable. To lower your risk for depression and anxiety, learning to cope with change can help.

Resilience, which is the ability to cope with change, can be influenced by the environment around you. Your ability to deal with change can be achieved via different ways of thinking. This will help you create an adaptive life for unexpected events.

In the wake of COVID-19, which has taken a heavy toll on businesses and jobs, people have changed the way that they live. During these difficult times, you need to rely on your problem-solving abilities by thinking creatively. Negative emotions, such as frustration, fear and anger, cause the executive network of your brain to constrict, making it work less effectively. Positive emotions, on the other hand, help the brain to generate creative solutions for problems.

Opening up to an online therapist

By finding the best online therapist and opening up, mental health problems can be solved by ideal coping strategies from experts. Many people find it hard to talk about sensitive feelings and emotions at the best of times. It can be particularly hard to tell the truth when you’re going through challenging experiences or behaving in ways that are outside the social norm.


To make circumstances even more complex, some people adopt silence as their key coping strategy. They feel safer by refusing to discuss their feelings and problems, which makes opening up to a counselor even more difficult. Nonetheless, you should recognize that an online therapist is not there to criticize or judge you for coping mechanisms.

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While you may have faced criticism or judgment from people you feel should have been helpful and supportive, you can rest assured that your online therapist will be completely neutral. The best online therapists offer the conducive and supportive environment needed to get to the bottom of the problems that are bothering you.

Here are some measures you can deploy to help you overcome unexpected life situations:

  • Be patient and keep calm – When you face an unexpected life situation, this is one of the most beneficial and essential attitudes you ought to embrace. When you panic or become stressed, the mess will just worsen. Learn to manage and handle things properly with confidence, calmness and patience.
  • Endeavor to practice self-care after any loss –Some transitions involve losses, such as the loss of a job, death, or the end of a relationship. During these transitional times, acknowledge the loss instead of pushing it away. By paying attention to practicing self-care, you’ll be in a better position of coping with the grief amicably. If you feel the need for extra support, you could seek help from friends and family, or reach out to a counselor or online therapist.
  • Make wise strategies –When an unexpected situation occurs, it’s important to strategize wisely and be mentally active instead of being confused and tense. Focus on knowing why it happens and what you should do to make things better.
  • Be positive and optimistic – Optimism helps in the management of issues after encountering an unexpected situation. Being courageous and staying positive will help you to take the right steps to get you out of an unfavorable state of affairs, and you’ll face anything productively and efficiently. With inner stability, power and strength, you can manage yourself effectively in difficult circumstances.
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While it’s not entirely possible to control how unexpected situations occur, it’s possible to control how you can respond in order to lead a life of resilience. This can make a difference in how you feel and deal with distressing issues, making you more successful at tackling life’s curveballs. Transitional changes cannot be avoided, but they can be embraced to help you see challenges as opportunities to help you thrive.

Above all, you need not be afraid to ask for help as you prioritize your health in all transitions of life. Being social creatures by nature, humans are not built to withstand abrupt life events without support from others. You could consider finding a community support group or talk to friends and family who may be experiencing similar changes. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the best online therapist or health professional for guidance on how to build resilience.

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