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How to Make Money from YouTube?

Many people consider YouTube to be a platform that provides endless hours of entertainment, including adrenaline footage, how-to guides, stupid fails, and live video gaming sessions. But for many others, this site is an excellent earning platform.

Initially, making dollars from the video platform just involved uploading content, attracting views, and getting their ad revenue share. But things have changed nowadays, and content creators have now come up with different content monetization schemes. But how do you get it right?

make money on youtube

Here’s how you can rake in cash from the giant entertainment platform

Google AdSense

Linking your account to the Google AdSense ad system is an excellent way to get good money from the video site. With this feature, you can easily place bids on your content space, and this is determined by factors like your audience, the used keywords, and the topic of discussion in your video.


Typically, payments are made according to the videos’ “impressions” statistics or when an ad has been clicked on and watched. Notably, ads don’t come up always or whenever your item plays, so the number of views you get may not necessarily be proportionate to the sum you earn. Also, the platform takes a percentage of the ad revenue you’ve made at an undisclosed rate.

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The payment is usually made if you finally have $100. A relatively smaller YouTube channel means that you might earn less frequently. Google facilitates AdSense payments, but the platform may not deduct the whole tax obligation. So ensure you keep a little bit of cash for the taxman.

Direct Partnership with YouTube

The popular video platform offers YPP (YouTube Partner Program), which allows channels to leverage a wide range of income-generating opportunities, but you must qualify by passing the set threshold. If you wish to join this potentially lucrative platform, you must fulfill the following:

  • Your channel should have 1,000 subscribers or more.
  • It must have garnered more than 4,000 usable watching hours in 12 months. Here, unpublished, personal, or deleted content will not be considered.
  • You must abide by the platform’s monetization policies.
  • Your current location or country must have YPP.
  • You must be linked to AdSense

It’s not a must that you meet the above requirements. But if your content doesn’t meet the criteria or your channel remains inactive for up to six months, it will likely be scraped from the partner program. This job will get you busy, so hire an essay writing service provider if you have any assignments due. 

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Leverage Video Sponsorship and Product Placement

If a brand needs to reach your audience, they may sponsor your content or suggest product placement deals where you’ll market their product. Most of the time, the payments are done in commission tires or based on individual sales.

You can access possible corporate partnerships by working with affiliate marketing agencies like ClickBank, ShareASale, or CJ Affiliate. Before signing up, ensure you’re willing and able to vouch for the brand you’re selling. If any of your content contains a product placement or endorsement, ensure you inform the platform by selecting the box written “video contains a paid promotion,” available within the advance settings.

Brand Sponsorship

Another lucrative YouTube endeavor with the potential to rake in a substantial amount is brand sponsorship. In digital marketing, this is what is known as influencer marketing. In essence, brands usually pay content creators to market their product or service within their videos. For instance, if you do make-up tutorials, you’re likely to draw cosmetics brands’ attention.

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Many agencies primarily link companies with influencers on YouTube and social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. Once they’ve connected you, these agencies will take a small percentage of the sponsorship fee that they’ve brokered. Notably, you don’t need a social media strategy for startups to get it right. 

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Fan Funding

You can also monetize your YouTube channel by using the fan funding or channel membership approach. With this strategy, you can encourage your followers to make continuous payments every month, and you’ll offer bonus content, including emojis, badges, live chats, or special content. However, not everyone meets the eligibility standards.

To enable your account’s monetization capability, you’ll require 30,000 subscribers. It can be helpful if you leverage third-party services to monetize your fan base through membership. When you get it right, you may earn up to $40,000 every month.

If you’re looking to make some cash by entertaining viewers on YouTube, you’re set for a bright future. The above guidelines will help you begin your YouTube journey with ease, and you’ll start making money in no time.

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