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How To Shop For Vape Pens Online

Shopping for the perfect vape device can be as frustrating as trying to find the perfect outfit for you. There are so many devices on the market that can make it difficult to know which would be best for you. The options can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to vaping. 

Vaping has become extremely popular, and everyone doing it has a preferred way they enjoy it. Different devices can cater to various preferences of one person, resulting in unique experiences. You can find a great vape pen even if you haven’t yet discovered what you like. 

A general idea of what you’re looking for, and some basic understanding of vape pens, will help you choose one that’s most likely to satisfy you. Here’s a top-down overview of everything you should consider to make shopping for vape pens easier.

Vaping CBD Or Nicotine

Start by figuring out what you intend to use your vape for. Think about whether you want to use vaping as a nicotine delivery system, CBD (cannabidiol), or to directly vape dried herbs (usually tobacco or cannabis). This is probably the biggest decision one must consider because it’ll essentially dictate which device to use.


If you’re looking for a device that allows you to vape directly from dried herbs or cannabis extracts, you’re looking at a smaller market with fewer choices. Your best bet is to look around a few local vape stores, online stores, or here for a selection of these specialized devices. 

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Most standard vape pens work with regular e-liquids. E-liquid typically contains nicotine or CBD, among other things. They also come in various flavors. These are the devices you’ll see in regular vape stores or websites.

Finding The Right Inhale

In vaping, this refers to how you go about inhaling from the vape pen. It might sound confusing, but you’ll shortly understand what this means. To put it simply, there are two main types of ‘inhales’ advertised on vapes: MTL and DTL.

  • MTL (Mouth-To-Lung)

Mouth-to-lung inhalation is popular as an alternative to smoking. As described by the name, you use an MTL vape by first pulling the vapor into your mouth before drawing it to your lungs. Just like most cigarette smokers.

  • DTL (Direct-To-Lung)

Direct-to-lung means you can skip the intermediary step of MTL and inhale as if you’re taking a deep breath, immediately pulling the vapor into your lungs. This is for those who enjoy a rush of flavor, want to do tricks, or prefer the DTL experience over the MTL.

The main differences between MTL and DTL are the device’s power output and airflow. MTL demands a more restricted airflow and usually requires lower power output. This leads to MTL typically producing less vapor per drag than DTL. 

Additionally, it’s notable that MTL vaping is often intended for e-liquids with higher nicotine concentrations to resemble an actual cigarette as closely as possible.

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Pod System, Tank System, Or Rebuildable

This is about the atomizer—the part of the vape pen responsible for holding and evaporating the e-liquid. A standard vape pen has an e-liquid reservoir and a coil that heats up to produce vapor. 

Pod systems refer to removable pod-like tanks that fit into your vape pen. Each device will have a device-specific pod. Some pods are pre-filled and replaceable—you use them until they’re empty, and then you buy new ones. 

Refillable pods can be filled with an e-liquid of your choice and are either entirely replaceable (replace the entire pod when the coil is dead) or have replaceable coils (replace only the coil when it dies).

Tank systems are similar to pods which have replaceable coils. When the coil eventually wears out, you replace it with a new one. In both cases, the coil will either be tank or pod-specific. 

Most brands offer different compatible coils per device—often letting you switch between MTL and DTL. The difference is that tanks usually use standard 510 screw-down connections and work on any vape pen supporting a 510 connection.

Rebuildable atomizers contain a ‘deck’ on which you mount and wick your own coils, referred to as your ‘build.’ These most often fall into the DTL category, as they usually use more power to produce higher quantities of dense, flavorful vapor. They’re also the most customizable and use the same 510 connection as tanks, fitting onto any standard vape device.

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Dry-herb vapes tend to have a hollow chamber to hold the product. This is usually heated to produce vapor from the dry herb without causing it to combust.

Price Point And Additional Features

The last consideration to make has to do with how much you’re willing to spend on a vape device. Nowadays, decent vape pens are relatively affordable. You don’t need to spend a large sum to acquire a well-functioning device. However, higher-priced devices often come with more advanced features that allow you to customize your experience further. 

A good example of this would be power output adjustment and other settings. Some devices allow you to set the wattage at which you vape, leading to more or less vapor and varied flavor production. 

Other perks you get at higher price points include temperature control, higher total power output, and more customization options. 


These are the main things to consider when shopping for a vape pen online. Find a reputable merchant that delivers to your area and see what all your options are. 

Go through the full list of options as you follow this article, eliminating and highlighting the devices that fit your preferences at each step. You should have a comparatively smaller list of vape pens at the end, with each one fitting your needs. 

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