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Relocating Abroad? The Top 10 Countries To Consider For High Quality Of Life

If you’re thinking about uprooting your home and settling down in a foreign country, you might be wondering which regions boast the highest quality of life rankings.

With this, it’s key to understand that the standard of life differs from the quality of life. While the standard of living in a country is determined by class disparity, safety, climate, infrastructure, environmental quality, the incidence of disease, and a few other factors, quality of life is determined by rights to education, freedom of religion, equal pay, the right to vote, and several others.

That said, it’s wise to choose a country that ranks high for both standard of living and quality of life.

But before we get to the best countries to choose for relocation, if you opt for the US, you will need to consider insurance for UK citizens in the US. With this, international health insurance is essential for all expatriates, regardless of the country of choice.

Nevertheless, we’ve rounded up top destination choices that rank high for both standard and quality of life.



Switzerland is a relatively small region in Central Europe. If you choose Switzerland, you’ll enjoy about 16,000 square miles of valleys, the Alps, lakes, and breathtaking glaciers.

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This country is incredibly peaceful, ranking high on the global peace index. But beyond that, it’s also one of the wealthiest regions in the world and boasts an incredibly low unemployment rate. Moreover, the educated population is high, and taxes are low.

When it comes to security and healthcare, you’ll enjoy world-class quality service and find a sense of safety in terms of everyday life fairly soon. With low crime rates and excellent healthcare, Switzerland is a top-rated choice.


This Northern European region includes Sweden and Norway. The national healthcare system is renowned and provides free healthcare services to residents as a result of progressive taxation. Moreover, higher education here is also free and accessible for residents, and it’s one of the largest producers of food, steel, iron, and tourism, which renders the economy stable and thriving.

Denmarks boasts a progressive government, and the country also ranks well on the global peace index. Surveys show that residents here are happy and at ease with most aspects of quality of life and standard of living.

The Netherlands

This European country is most well-known for its capital, Amsterdam, where marijuana use has been legal for decades already. 

But beyond being able to vacation in Amsterdam and indulge in the joys that exist here, you’ll find that The Netherlands is a peaceful country with low crime rates, affordable cost of living, a thriving job market, and welcoming locals.

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Moreover, healthcare systems and education facilities found here are also world-renowned for a generally high standard of quality.


Finland remains a leading country in terms of educational excellence and high-quality healthcare services. But other than this, Finland also boasts low pollution rates, which means you’ll breathe easier here.

Additionally, Finland is also well-known for equality in all its many forms. It’s a norm here for fathers to spend more time with school-going children than mothers in the nordic land, thanks to the emphasis on gender equality.


If you’re not opposed to exceedingly high temperatures and living in a typically humid environment, Australia is an excellent option as well. The standard of living here is exceptional, which explains the large number of expatriates choosing Australia every year.

Australia can offer you more of a laid-back lifestyle, a safe environment, and world-class educational facilities and healthcare services.


Iceland is often overlooked for expatriates, although this unique country is one of the best choices if you’re after a better way of living.

The natural scenery here is unlike what any other region has to offer, with geysers, hot springs, volcanos, and lava fields covering the lands.

But beyond the general beauty of Iceland, it’s also incredibly safe here; living is affordable, the economy is stable, and healthcare services are also world-renowned.

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Austria is a region that’s exceptionally rich in cultural history. This region also boasts one of the best quality-of-life rankings globally. With a thriving economy and low crime rates, Austria is an excellent choice for anyone after a better quality and standard of living.


Germany consistently ranks well as a top option for expatriates annually. This region also boasts low crime rates, a dramatically strong economy, low unemployment rates, and excellent healthcare facilities.

Germany is also renowned for the educational system and education opportunities found here, with many students that choose to study abroad opting for Germany for this very reason.

New Zealand

Aside from New Zealand’s sporting excellence showcased year after year in rugby, New Zealand is also a top choice for expatriates due to high global peace index ratings, low cost of living, a thriving job market, and so much more. But as with Australia, the climate here is extremely warm throughout the year.


This European region has so much to offer expatriates that are after a better standard of life. The country ranks well for low unemployment rates, low crime rates, environmental quality, affordable housing, and a thriving economy.

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