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Tips For Running A Successful Nonprofit

Running a nonprofit is an admirable thing to do but there are so many aspects to balance. If you’re thinking of starting up a nonprofit or you already have one and want to grow awareness, we’ve created the following guide to help you. In this we will discuss ways for you to give a boost to your nonprofit, increase donations, and reach a wider audience. Keep reading to learn more.

Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is incredibly important as it tells the public what your drive is as a nonprofit. Getting your mission statement right can be tricky as it needs to some up your entire organization and what you are trying to achieve. Take plenty of time to consider different missions statements and what would best sum up your nonprofit. If you already have one, it’s worth revising it and deciding if there could be a way to better represent your organization.

Board Members

Choosing the right individuals for board member roles is an important part of creating a nonprofit. Your board members are usually made up of a chairperson, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer. Your board members will contribute to the smooth flow and success of the organization. You will need to have regular meetings in order to make sure you’re all on the same page. Working together you can organize fundraising events, campaigns, and discuss any changes that need to be made. Your board members need to be passionate about the cause you’re supporting, but also have the skills and experience to contribute. They will be representative of your organization so should be friendly and approachable.


Building A Strong Team

Like your board members, your team will represent your nonprofit, so you need to make sure you choose the right individuals. From communications, to admin, to volunteers. Your team will be made up of a broad range of job roles. But the one thing they all have in common is that they need to be passionate about the cause and contributing to making real change. When interviewing prospective team members, put a lot of thought into what questions you will ask and what it can tell you about the person you’re interviewing. Test their knowledge of the cause and what they want to do to help. Ask them about why they care about your nonprofit and what led them to apply for the job. You don’t want individuals who see it as the same as any other job. Having the right team of people with good intentions will become the backbone of the success of your nonprofit.

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Building A Positive Workplace

So, we’ve covered the importance of having a strong team and what you should expect them to contribute- but as the nonprofit owner you also have responsibilities to help your team. If you have an office space, you need to try and create as positive a workplace as possible for everyone. Treat your team with respect and gratitude for their hard work, and if there are any concerns or issues from anyone, listen and show you care. Although you may have a whole team of people handling the day-to-day running and projects of your nonprofit, you should still try and be as involved as possible. This sets a good example and will help to make sure everyone stays motivated and focused.

Asking For Donations

Figuring out how to ask for donations can be tricky, you don’t want to pressure or pester people into contributing and risk putting them off for good. However, you also can’t expect for donations to just flood in without any effort on your part. You will need to work with your team to decide the best ways to ask both new and existing donors for some of their hard-earned money. If you need some inspiration for ideas on how to ask for donations, then read this article.

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Increasing Awareness Of Your Nonprofit

Potentially the most important component of a successful nonprofit is increasing awareness of your organization, what you’re supporting and your importance. The organizations that receive the most donations are the ones that are most widely known. Whilst your nonprofit may not have the budget to stretch to TV adverts or big advertising campaigns to reach more donors, there are still plenty of other ways you can help to get the word out there about your organization. You will also be helping to raise awareness of the cause you care about and the issues surrounding it. You can research other larger organizations that exist and support the same cause as you or have a similar vision. Reach out to these organizations and ask if you can partner with them to increase awareness of your shared causes and the work your nonprofit is doing to help. Community service projects are a great way to interact with the public and gives you an opportunity to discuss the importance of you nonprofits work and how they can help by donating. Hosting fundraising events is a great way to simultaneously raise awareness of your nonprofit and the issues you’re trying to help with, whilst also raising money to do so.


Marketing is essential to increase awareness of your nonprofit and the causes you care about and opens up more opportunities for donations to keep it going. You can work with an outside agency to help you with marketing campaigns and designing a strong website, but there are also plenty of ways you and your team can help to market your nonprofit without forking out a lot of money. Social media is one of the most effective tools in marketing, and is increasingly becoming one of the best ways to reach new donors. Social media use has exploded in the last 10 years, with many businesses and nonprofits seeing the opportunity to reach more people with their message via several different platforms. Make sure you’re posting content regularly and think about how it will communicate with your audience. Provide information of your cause and the issues you’re trying to help with. A great way to increase followers and attract attention to your pages is to run competitions to win prizes. This way you can encourage people to tag others in your page, give you a follow, and share your page.

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Making Use Of A Donor Database

A good nonprofit understands its audience and donors well. A key way to achieve this is by having a donor database. It will give you an insight into what kind of individuals donate, how much they donate, and how frequently. This helps you to tailor your marketing to your audience and create better marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.

Showing Gratitude To Donors

Showing gratitude to your donors is incredibly important not just because it’s the polite thing to do- but it could also lead to future donations. It’s more likely that donors will contribute donations to your nonprofit again in the future if they feel like their donation was appreciated. This can be in a number of different ways. From grand gestures such as donor appreciation events, to automated thank you emails when someone donates online. However you say thank you, if you show your donors that their contributions are appreciated, it will reflect well on your organization and can help your chances of keeping loyal donors.

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