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Top 8 Online People Search Sites

People search engines are online tools used to find people by name, email address, or other personal identifiers. Some people search engines are public resources that anyone can use, while others are subscription services that require registration. This article will explore eight of the most popular people search engines and their features. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each site. Finally, we will help you decide which people search engine is right for you.

This public search engine allows you to look for people online by first and last name, username, phone number, or email address. The site comes with several valuable tools, such as reverse phone lookup and email verification. It also lets you view profiles of those who have websites and basic background information such as criminal records and court filings. is another free online search engine that allows you to look for people online. It is based on the Google Person API. This service provides access to approximately 4 billion records with various personal details. It offers many features, including email verification, reverse phone lookup, property ownership, date of birth searches, and social network searches. Pipl has an iPhone app called “Pipl – People Search” that allows you to use the service on the go. Since Google API powers Pipl, it has higher accuracy rates than other websites. Unlike most people search engines, Pipl claims not to sell any personal information provided by its users.


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This is a paid people search engine that provides access to billions of social network profiles, photos, and videos. MyLife claims to have the largest online database of any other similar site. It also offers reverse address lookups, phone number searches, email verifications, and property ownership details. However, its website has very little information about who owns or created this service. Furthermore, MyLife does not come with advanced features like email verification and a date of birth search.

Plaxo is a social networking website that allows you to connect and stay in touch with your email contacts and friends online. It lets you import all your contacts from Gmail, Outlook, AOL, and Windows Live Mail. Plaxo also offers people search features such as reverse phone number lookup, email verifications, property ownership details, and social network searches. Its main drawback is that it has very few additional features when compared to other people search engines.

Spokeo is a subscription-based service that helps you find lost friends, classmates, or family members. The site offers several tools such as reverse phone number lookups, social network searches, public records information, and emails verifications. Its main drawback is that it does not let you do address searches.

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PeekYou claims to be the largest people search engine in the world. It has over 100 million photos and videos of real people, including their name, age, location, occupation, and interests. The site also offers email verification, reverse phone number lookup, property ownership details, and social network searches. However, many users find PeekYou’s interface difficult to navigate. Also, its accuracy rates are way below those of other public people search engines such as Pipl or Spokeo.

This service provides access to billions of records with personal information about individuals across America. Intelius comes with several features like first/last name search, email verification, phone number search, and social network searches. However, it is a paid service with a free trial period of 7 days.

This people search engine lets you find information about someone from state to state. PeopleFinders provides access to billions of records that include age, address history, criminal records, and more. The site comes with several useful tools, such as email verifications and property ownership details. One of its most attractive features is its date of birth search, which can help you find the age of the person whose name you have searched for. Its main drawback is that it offers very little information on each result page compared to other websites listed here.

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That’s a Wrap

Here you have the top 8 people search engines. They each provide great tools for searching for someone’s personal information online. Among them, Checkpeople, Pipl, and Spokeo offer accurate results, while Mylife, Peekyou, and Peoplefinders come with additional features like email verifications or property ownership details that can be quite useful sometimes.

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