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Top Expensive Gifts For People Who Have Everything

What to present a person for a birthday, if he has everything? Numerous people have a problem with gift ideas. But the task is easy to solve, especially if you have enough money.

It is undeniable that one of the indicators of the value of a birthday surprise is the gift price. The search for a luxurious gift must begin in advance to choose the perfect one. This is especially crucial when looking for an option for a very close person, boss, business partner, or important client.

For each person the criterion of a luxurious gift has its gradation. Someone prefers luxury items, while someone will appreciate a unique handmade thing or just your attention, for which you gave a round sum.

If you think that the coming birthday is an occasion for a luxurious gift, this article on top expensive gift ideas is for you!

Barbecue grill


At first glance, this option may surprise you. But you must admit that few people expect a barbecue grill as a gift. Of course, you must know the person you are going to make such a surprise well.

A BBQ grill will be a great addition to outdoor furniture and garden equipment. BBQ grill will especially please fans of this way of cooking and  allow them to organize parties in the backyard. The main thing is to choose a high-quality and proven barbecue grill so that the gift harmonizes with the garden outdoor furniture and serves its owner for a very long time.

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Scuba diving

A certificate is a perfect gift for all occasions. Moreover, many of us already have too many jewelry and decorative elements, but almost everyone always lacks bright positive emotions, memories, and impressions. Diving with an instructor can be the beginning of a new hobby and, as a result, start to become a qualified, professional diver.


If you want to give a big thank and don’t know what to present, give your close person a trip. It will become an unforgettable gift for absolutely any occasion.

Here, it is worth considering some points — travel destination, dates, type of trip, hotel, and the number of people. It’s best to pay the amount to some travel agency and let the birthday person choose himself.

The Parker Pen

An expensive pen, decorated with engraving or jewelry, will make a great impression on a business person and be a great decor item in his office. As a rule, such pens are not used for their intended purpose. They put on a show on desktops in offices and demonstrate the status of their owner.


Gadgets are satisfactory and expensive gifts. If your loved one is fond of Samsung or Apple and changes his device yearly, you have a great opportunity to present, please, and not puzzle over the gift idea.

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You can give a laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, console, and any other expensive device your relative or friend uses. You can also present some kind of gadget that will be an excellent addition, for instance, the PS VR headset.

Airplane flight

If your friend, relative, or colleague constantly flies business class on planes, it is unlikely that you will be able to surprise him with an air ticket. However, it is most likely that he never sat at the helm of the plane.

To learn how to fly an airplane, it is not necessary to go to flight school — theory before the start is enough. Under the supervision of an experienced instructor, you can fly a short route and learn to understand the instrument panel. Perhaps your gift will give rise to an exciting hobby.


When choosing a costly gift, you should follow several rules and personal boundaries of the hero of the occasion. So, a too expensive gift is appropriate in relation to close people, lovers, and spouses. It is not customary to save on a present for them. We usually invest not only money but our soul in luxurious gifts for relatives.

Come up with your own unique and expensive gift ideas and delight your loved ones!

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