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Two major warning signs you’re lacking the vitamin found on your face

Fitness & Health: Vitamin B12 is a crucial ingredient for the healthy running of one’s body, as it’s needed to…

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High blood pressure: Four foods to add to your diet proven to help lower your readings

Fitness & Health: High blood pressure is a condition whereby the pressure of blood in your arteries is consistently too high. If…

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Statins side effects: Unusual mouth changes? Drug use may heighten these mouth symptoms

Fitness & Health: The statin family of drugs are safe and effective therapeutic agents for the treatment of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular…

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Turkey reports record daily number of COVID-19 deaths

Fitness & Health: Turkey’s Health Ministry says there were 318 deaths due to COVID-19 over 24 hours, the highest daily…

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AstraZeneca vaccine: Does the AstraZeneca vaccine use mRNA?

Fitness & Health: The Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine was approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) several months…

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New migrant facilities crop up to ease crowding, again

Fitness & Health: For the third time in seven years, U.S. officials are scrambling to handle a dramatic spike in…

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Prostate cancer: The sexual symptom warning you may be at risk of a tumour developing

Fitness & Health: Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that begins in the gland cells of the prostate, found only in…

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Fauci says he expects J&J vaccine to resume later this week

Fitness & Health: Dr. Anthony Fauci says the United States will likely move to resume Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine…

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Coffee: Researchers determine three levels of caffeine sensitivity – which one are you?

Fitness & Health: Following ingestion, caffeine is absorbed from the stomach and intestines into the bloodstream. “The stimulating effects of…

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France restricting travel from 4 countries to curb variants

Fitness & Health: France is imposing entry restrictions on travelers from Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Brazil in hopes of…

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