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Are Adult Cam Sites Starting to Replace OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a place for content creators founded in 2016 by Timothy Stokely, a British tech entrepreneur. The site offers exclusive content to its target audience who pay a premium price. It also gives creators the ability to lock their content behind a paywall allowing fans access for a one-off tip or monthly fee.

Today, OnlyFans has more than 1 million content creators and over 50 million registered users. OnlyFans is home to authors, chefs, artists, poets, writers, inspirational speakers, and more. Recently, it became a content hub for porn stars, sex workers, and more.

Adult cam sites are becoming more popular than conventional porn. Every year, the camming industry grows. In fact, adult cam sites are usually visited by about 5% of the entire world’s internet users each day.

So, are adult cam sites starting to replace OnlyFans?

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Multibillion-Dollar Business

OnlyFans is a haven for wannabe adult performers, porn stars, sex workers, exhibitionists, and others looking to cash in. During the COVID-19 pandemic, OnlyFans popularity exploded. This is largely due to self-isolation and social distancing.

As such, the company has the financials on its side. In 2020, the company’s net revenue was $375 million. They expect to earn $1.2 billion in 2021. OnlyFans has a growing user base of 7 million paying members monthly. They shelled out over $3.2 billion to creators where the company makes 20% off every transaction.

As such, the site has made many people wealthy. One of those is the founder of MyFreeCams, a successful adult cam site. Leo Radvinsky is one of the most powerful people in the adult cam and porn industry. He bought a major stake in OnlyFans, and this has significantly increased his net worth.

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OnlyFans has also made Belle Delphine wealthy. As one of the creators with the most subscribers, she charges $35 per month. In a YouTube interview, Belle disclosed that she made over $2 million in a month. She has also made over $1 million in 24 hours during her first day on OnlyFans.

Another OnlyFans creator who made $1 million in just six hours is Mailand Ward. The former Boy Meets World cast member earns six figures every month. In its pitch to investors, OnlyFans said over 300 creators make $1 million annually.

In a 2020 survey, researchers found that the average webcam model makes $1,043 per week from an 18-hour workweek. Top earning cam models in the US make as much as $6,000 per week. If you adjust for the different amounts of time for each model, the average cam model earns between $58.77 per hour to $315 per hour. Just goes to show you the incredible potential of this profession. If you want to know the top webcam websites out there, LA Weekly has compiled a list of them. Check it out.

The global adult camming industry earned $2 billion in 2020. Webcam models earn more than $100,000 a year. But they are yet to earn as much as OnlyFan creators make. In addition, OnlyFans attracted mainstream celebrities such as Bella Thorne and Cardi B.

In August 2021, OnlyFans announced that it will block all sexually explicit content from the platform. Its intention to ban porn on the platform would start in October citing the interests of banking partners. However, a week later, OnlyFans reversed its decision of banning porn.

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Explaining on Twitter, OnlyFans said, “they secured assurance to support its diverse community.” The planned October 1st policy change received a massive backlash from the community. This is because many found themselves scrambling for a secondary plan to earn an income.

Since OnlyFans is no longer going ahead with its October 1st surprise ban, the platform’s popularity continues to grow. It’s also humming along with the launch of its streaming service, OFTV. This service is being marketed as an entertainment platform that does not include NSFW content.

OnlyFans and Adult Cam Sites Are Popular in NSFW Circles

Webcam models and content creators can both shine on OnlyFans and adult cam sites. This is because both adult cam sites and OnlyFans are popular in their respective fields. Since the fall of Tumblr in 2018, NSFW creators moved to social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

But these sites use algorithms, making it difficult for online users to find and promote NSFW content. When OnlyFans and adult cam sites came onto the scene, they became popular with NSFW creators. Adult cam sites such as LiveJasmin and Chaturbate have features such as split camming and customizable profiles. This boosts viewership.

Adult cam sites and OnlyFans are platforms where adult entertainers can get started and grow. While many people are familiar with OnlyFans stars such as Cardi B, many people got started on these platforms. A good example is Belle Delphine who managed to launch herself to stardom. She opened an OnlyFans account in 2020 and began uploading adult content. Today, she has a total of 2.06 million subscribers.

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On OnlyFans, content creators have a place where they can post sexually explicit content. Adult content creators and sex workers attempt to make a name by posting NSFW videos and photos. On adult cam sites, performers create a custom space where they can showcase their services and personality. They engage with larger audiences and have specific performance times.

OnlyFans allows pay-per-view shows which are similar to a cam show. Content creators have the option of setting a price for their show and promote it to everyone. Subscribers who tune into the show pay the set amount and gain access to your feed.

OnlyFans vs. Adult Cam Sites. Which Platform Is Popular?

Both OnlyFans and adult cam sites are popular in their fields. But the camming sites are not replacing OnlyFans. This is because OnlyFans allows its creators to offer pay-per-view shows which are similar to cam shows.

If you want to join OnlyFans or adult cam sites, do so if interested in more intimate and one-to-one connections with your viewers. If you like to pose for NFSW videos and photos, open to doing custom content for fans willing to pay extra, you can join OnlyFans and adult cam sites.

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