Delhi Government Announces Temporary Measures To Curb Pollution Levels

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The Government of the national capital region of Delhi has announced a series of temporary steps to try and bring high levels of air pollution under control. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, on Saturday, said that limits would be placed on outdoor activity, including construction.

The steps announced, according to a video statement available on ANI, include:

  • Schools to be closed for physical classes for a week from Monday. Virtual classes will continue.

  • Construction activities not allowed from Nov.14-18.

  • Government offices will shift to work-from-home for a week.

  • An advisory will be issued to private offices to work-from-home to the extent possible.

Kejriwal, however, stayed away from announcing a complete lockdown, while adding a wider proposal is being worked on.

Air quality in and around Delhi has worsened sharply over the past few days. On Saturday, the Air Quality Index was above 400 in a number of areas within Delhi, shows the website of the Central Pollution Control Board. A reading between 401 to 500 is the most severe and “affects healthy people and seriously impacts those with existing diseases” as per the CPCB.

A hearing on a public interest litigation was held in the Supreme Court on Saturday. However, the matter was adjourned for Monday.

The Northern region, particularly Delhi, sees a build-up of pollution and smog during the winter months. Apart from construction activity and vehicular traffic, stubble burning across farms close to the city tend to add to pollution levels.

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