Influent launches home tuition in 30 countries

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Created by former marketing director at Home Language International, Stephanie Josephs, and Latifa Khairi-biri, Influent Language Immersions is seeking to redefine the scope of language programs taught in homes.

“We realised that the world is ready for fresh initiatives and that our new fast-growing venture is already sending out positive vibes in these challenging times,” Josephs said.

Its tailored one-to-one lessons will meet changes in host family and student profiles as well as adjustments in demand, Influent suggested. And demand is expected to increase as a world-wide vaccination program is rolled out, the company said.

“We sense a new drive and energy flowing through the industry, something that hasn’t been experienced for a long time,” Josephs explained.


“There is a drive from our peers in the travel business to get people out there again. They, in turn, can also not wait to live life and ‘experience’ again, after having to put all their plans and projects on hold.

“With travel due to take off gradually, we expect the demand for study travel to increase exponentially”

“In Covid times, education has taken an increasingly leading role in our lives. With travel due to take off gradually, we expect the demand for study travel to increase exponentially. A whole new part of the population we did not see before Covid, is now keen to broaden their horizons and improve skills through learning.”

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Included language options offered by the company in English, Spanish and French in a range of countries, as well as Arabic in the UAE and Egypt, Dutch in Belgium and the Netherlands, Turkish, Chinese and more.


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