15 of the best disposable cameras to get those memorable moments on film


The best disposable cameras have been around since before smartphones were a thing, and yet, when it comes to capturing our summer memories, we’re still reaching for them years later. 

From the brands you know and love – namely Kodak and Fujifilm – to retailers like Boots stocking their own versions of the old film cameras, there’s quite the selection of point and shoots on the market in 2022. Knowing where to start, especially if you’re somewhat of a beginner with film, is the hard thing, so we’ve done some research and narrowed down the upper cut. 

These instant cameras are perfect for capturing festive fun this Christmas and making permanent memories


You’ll want to consider some of your requirements before you kick off. For example, do you need a camera that’s suitable for both indoors and out, or are you going to be using it in sunny sunny Croatia? Or, perhaps, are you buying your cameras for a wedding; meaning quality comes second to budget with those scary ££ numbers climbing by the day. These are all things to consider before you buy, so try to figure out your non-negotiables before you browse. 

Our top pick? It’s a tough choice, but we’d probably go for either the Kodak Professional Black & White or the old familiar: the iconic Kodak FunSaver. The main difference here is that the Professional shoots in monochrome, where as the FunSaver is your reliable do-it-all colour film camera. The FunSaver will be your go-to if you’re a newcomer to the world of disposables, whereas the Professional has quite the history of photographical use and, well, its fine grain artsy results are the main reason why it’s been such a best seller over the years. 

Which is better Kodak or Fujifilm?

A tough question, especially when both of their best selling cameras (namely the FunSaver and Fujifilm’s Quicksnap) are so highly rated. 

Looking at the brands pragmatically, Kodak has more to offer buyers in the UK these days, with some of the old Fujifilm Superia range discontinued back in 2016. You can still buy the much loved X-tra 400 film though (a top choice for both low and bright lighting), so don’t fret. Aside from the quantity of their offerings, it would seem the brands are quite on par with their performance; however some users claim that Kodak cameras work best as the sun is just starting to set, whereas Fujifilm cameras work best in the bright of day. Some food for thought before you buy!

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