Amber Heard’s Attorney Mocks Johnny Depp With Odd Impression Of The Actor


By Corey Atad.

Things got a little strange at the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial on Tuesday.

During a redirect, Heard’s attorney mimicked the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor while asking about his apparent lack of eye contact with his ex-wife in court.


Amber Heard Discusses Why Johnny Depp Won’t Look Her In The Eye Amid Ongoing Trial

On Monday, Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez had played a recording in which Depp promised Heard, “You will not see my eyes again.”

While questioning her client on Tuesday, Elaine Bredehoft brought up the subject and quoted Depp’s line from the tape, deepening her voice to do an odd impression of him.

The moment got a chuckle out of Depp, though things got serious again when Heard shared her explanation for why her ex refused to look her in the eye during the trial: “Because he’s guilty.”

She added, “He knows he’s lying, otherwise why can’t he look at me? I survived that man and I’m here and I’m able to look at him.”

Amber Heard Cross-Examined About Fights With Johnny Depp

Depp is suing Heard for defamation over a 2018 op-ed published in the Washington Post in which, without directly naming him, she insinuated she had been a victim of domestic violence during their marriage. She is countersuing the actor.

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At the trial, Heard has accused Depp of verbally, emotionally, physically and sexually assaulting her. Depp has denied the allegations.

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