Beanie Feldstein Reacts To Lea Michele Trending After ‘Funny Girl’ Casing, ‘I Don’t Know The Woman Whatsoever’


By Jamie Samhan.

Beanie Feldstein didn’t initially understand all the fuss when she was cast in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl.

Earlier this year it was announced that Feldstein would take up the role originated by Barbra Streisand, a part that Lea Michele had expressed interest in many times over. Michele even sang numerous Funny Girl songs on “Glee”.


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Recalling the casting news to Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, Feldstein explained she had no idea what was going on when Michele started to trend on Twitter.

“I didn’t know that any of this was happening by the way. And all of a sudden people started explaining it to me, and I was like: Wait, what’s happening?” she said.

“She very sweetly wrote on my Instagram. I don’t know the woman whatsoever, but…” Feldstein continued before Cohen interrupted to call it a “happy” interaction.

“Oh that’s nice,” Cohen added.

When Feldstein shared on Instagram that she would be taking the part of Fanny Brice, Michele commented, “Yes! YOU are the greatest star! This is going to be epic!!”

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Feldstein also addressed what would happen if Streisand showed up while she is on stage.

“Even when my high school drama teacher came to see Hello Dolly I was shaking,” she said. “I don’t want to know when anyone is there. Certainly not the queen herself.”

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