Britney Spears’ Dad Files Court Docs Requesting Approval To Pay Himself HOW MUCH In Conservatorship Salary?! – Perez Hilton

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. Waaaait a minute…

Britney Spears‘ dad is making HOW MUCH being her conservator?!

The ever-in-control Jamie Spears has filed new legal documents requesting that a judge continue to sign off on his role as conservator this week — specifically in regards to his compensation for the role. And the amount of money he’s asking to continue to make (and has been receiving thus far) will blow your mind…

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According to The Blast, who first unearthed the new legal docs, Jamie is requesting official approval of his monthly salary payments as conservator and a monthly stipend to “maintain an office.”

The total? A whopping $18,000 per month — $16,000 of which is his requested monthly salary, to go along with another $2,000 per month for the office. That’s $216,000 per year just to work as the pop princess’ official legal liaison! OMG!

In the officially filed declaration, the Spears family patriarch listed his “daily” job requirements, in order to prove he is worth that much money and deserving of such a salary. In part, he noted (below):

“I continue to do my best to keep current regarding the music, advertising, and entertainment business, in the areas of financial investing and investments, and in legal matters, for Ms. Spears’ benefit. [He works to address and resolve matters [including] travel arrangements which are complicated and require advance, detailed planning to protect Ms. Spears’ safety and privacy, as well as overseeing and facilitating payments and reimbursements … related to Ms. Spears’ medical expenses. My duties also included overseeing and coordinating Ms. Spears’ legal matters which touched upon entertainment, music, business opportunities, litigation, trial and/or the resolution of disputes, and publicity/brand-related matters.”

And he’s not done yet!

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Brit’s dad goes on from there, adding more about his supposed day-to-day involvement with the conservatorship case itself and other things on which he spends “a significant amount of time,” like the Baby One More Time singer’s investment portfolio.

From the docs:

“I spoke regularly with my conservatorship counsel to stay informed of the matters in the ongoing conservatorship proceeding, including reviewing all pleadings filed in the conservatorship, and preparing for and appearing at all hearings … I participated in extensive communications with various advisors and industry experts in analyzing and modifying investment strategies to address changes in Ms. Spears’ working status and fluctuations in the economy. … [I also handle] intellectual property and brand-related issues that included reviewing back-up documentation relating to expenses and requests for various payments, addressing trademark and patent issues, reviewing book and magazine proposals, sponsorship opportunities, marketing, merchandising, building, and protecting Ms. Spears’ brand, dealing with insurance issues, maintaining vehicles, and interfacing with Ms. Spears’ business managers and entertainment lawyers on a daily or near-daily basis on these types of various and numerous issues.”


That seems like a lot of corporate-speak that he could have maybe gotten through in, ya know, 100 less words. But he’s got to look official and important to a judge, we suppose!

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Jamie’s final work-related claim is perhaps the most interesting, though.

For that one, he asserts that part of his daily job duties include monitoring social media posts about the singer:

“[I have been working] extensively with Ms. Spears’ team and my attorneys to monitor social media and address negative and potentially destructive publicity, and minimize any harm to Ms. Spears’ brand.”


What might the #FreeBritney movement think of that knowing some of the bizarre social media moves of her past?!

Does that go a long way to explaining some of the Louisiana native’s Instagram posts, then?? Honestly, this whole thing is fascinating. Eighteen grand a month!!! What a gig…

With Britney now trying to step all the way back from Jamie’s control of the conservatorship, though, it remains to be seen how much longer he might be employed. Stands to reason he’d want to keep the gravy train rolling, right?!

As far as compensation and conservatorship goes, guess we’ll just have to see what the courts decide. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF about everything Britney-related down in the comments (below)…

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