‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Gives An Update On His Hand After 5th Surgery


By Zach Seemayer‍, ETOnline.com.

Buddy Valastro is sharing some good news about his recovery journey. The “Cake Boss” star joined Monday’s new episode of “Rachael Ray” and gave an exciting update on how well his hand is doing after yet another operation.

“I’m feeling good, my hand is coming along,” Valastro shared with a broad smile as Ray cheered him on during their virtual interview.


“I had my fifth surgery about a month ago and it was a huge success,” Valastro added. “I definitely have a lot more of my mobility back.”

Demonstrating the improved range of motion with his hand, Valastro explained, “I can make like a whole fist [and] I can make all my fingers straight.”

“And I have I would say about 75 per cent of my strength back, so its coming along,” he added. “But I’m still in physical therapy, and you know, just doing really well.”

Shortly after the accident, Valastro’s rep told ET that the baker’s injury was a result of a malfunction with the bowling pinsetter at his home’s bowling alley. When Valastro tried to repair the machine, his hand got lodged inside the unit, where it was impaled by a metal rod multiple times. Valastro’s sons cut the the rod with a saw to free his hand from the machine.

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ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke with Valastro shortly after the shocking accident, and he opened up about the potentially catastrophic ramifications of the damage to his dominant hand.

“I’m trying to stay positive, still recovering,” Valastro shared at the time. “There’s still a lot of pain, it was a freak crazy thing… if it would’ve hit my wrist, forget about it. I would’ve bled out.”

In the days and weeks after the incident, Valastro didn’t know how bad the injury would be, or how it would impact his abilities when it came to baking and designing cakes.

“I might not ever be able to pipe again, you know? I don’t know,” he shared. “I may have to learn to do it with my other hand. You just don’t know.”

However, as Valastro demonstrated on Monday’s “Rachael Ray”, he still knows his way around a cake as he showed Ray a simple, versatile piping technique for decorating a delicious springtime Mother’s Day cake.

“Rachael Ray” airs Mondays through Fridays.


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