Carole Radziwill on Why Eboni Williams Was ‘Wrong’ For RHONY


Carole Radziwill exited her full-time role on The Real Housewives of New York City in 2018 at the end of season 10, and still, she’s coping with the trauma she endured during her time on the Bravo show.

While appearing on a podcast on Monday, Carole opened up about her PTSD before looking back on her exit from the series and sharing her thoughts on the future of the Bravo reality show. Later, she also addressed why Eboni K. Williams wasn’t a good fit for the series.

“I do have PTSD. I think everyone who leaves the show goes through at least a year or two of PTSD. That’s a real thing,” Carole shared on the November 29 episode of the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast. “Bravo should really pay for the therapy of the jettisoned Housewives.”


Carole also revealed that she didn’t understand why Bravo decided to include an insult Luann de Lesseps made against her in a season she wasn’t even on.

“Luann called me Carole Ratziwill. That line was given to her by a producer. I think a showrunner. It was given to her to say. She does not have a sense of humor,” she stated. “I produced six years of content for your show. And that’s what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna call me a b-tch and then give one of the characters a line making fun of my married name?”

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“They were just manufacturing these storylines that just didn’t make sense,” Carole continued. “I just think some of the choices that this particular production company has made over the past several years, even since season five is just been questionable.”

Moving forward, Carole said she feels Bravo needs to replace their current production team.

“If they’re recasting the whole show, they should get rid of the production company. It’s a production company that’s based in Burbank. They really don’t have a good vibe about what New York is about,” she explained. “They’re getting away from what really made the show.”

As for the potential season 14 cast, Carole said the network should be aiming older rather than younger.

“I hear that they want to cast younger. It doesn’t work,” she declared. “Their best casting is an older woman who everyone is in love with and should be in love with, because she’s quintessential what a housewife is and that’s Kathy Hilton. She’s amazing on the show. She’s not younger. So then you take that… That’s what you extrapolate from that superstar casting? I really think we need to cast the younger ones when you cast younger ones and it hasn’t quite worked out well?”

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Ahead of RHONY season 13, Bravo introduced the series’ first African American cast member in Eboni. And while Carole appreciated what Eboni brought to the show, she noted that the series was not the right vehicle for her.

“She’s very intelligent from what I saw and very willing to go to the mat on subjects that I tried to a little bit in the way that I could, but she was fierce and I kind of liked that, but it was just like, this is totally wrong show,” Carole reasoned. “It just felt like she was completely miscast in that. She would be great on The View and some of those political adjacent shows.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Carole said Ramona Singer fits the bill a bit better.

“[Ramona isn’t] afraid to make herself look… crazy. She’s the workhorse,” Carole stated. “She [is] engaging with all the women in the way that she [tries] to connect all the fights and make drama and stuff. And a lot of it did not make her look good. But in that way, she was really carrying that show.”

Carole appeared on The Real Housewives of New York City from season five through season 10.

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