Crystal Kung Minkoff Deactivates Twitter After Vile Racist Messages From RHOBH Fans


Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Crystal Kung Minkoff has seemingly been forced to shield herself from vile, racist messages on social media.

Though the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie is still going strong on Instagram, sharing lots of photos of her gorgeous family, she has seemingly deactivated her Twitter account after receiving countless hate messages on the platform.


On Monday, one fan account discovered her account was no longer active and posted a screenshot of the now nonexistent account.

“I hope all of you racist a**holes are happy you ran Crystal off of twitter,” Real Housewives Gifs tweeted, along with the screenshot, on September 20.

The account then pointed to several messages Crystal has received and shared in the past, including one from an individual who told Crystal the Asian race is “disgusting.”

“So disgusting that you’re just another Asian that will eat any animal with no thought whatsoever,” the seemingly disturbed person told the reality star. “Asians already have a bad stigma for their complete lack of regard from animals. With your platform maybe you could have made your race seem more human… What do you do in your spare time…. eat dogs??? You’re disgusting your [sic] race is disgusting.”

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At the time, Crystal shared the message on her Instagram Story, writing, “While we’re on the topic of Karens. Meet ‘Kellie Doyle’ from my Facebook. Maybe she would be happier with me if I taught Chinese art to my kids instead.”

Crystal mentioned Chinese art because she had received a separate message from yet another disturbed fan who slammed her for teaching her children Chinese poetry rather than art.

The fan account also posted multiple vile tweets that Crystal received prior to deactivating her account.

“Crystal is a disgrace as Asian representation,” one person tweeted. “Treats her family as caterers, plays the victim as Sutton [Strake] supposedly ‘violated’ her [and] deploys her race issues when convenient for her storyline. Aside from all of that – she’s a social climbing golddigger.”

Another person wrote, “From now on I will refer to boring [Crystal Minkoff ] as Asian [Teddi Mellencamp].”

And a third seemingly racist fan tweeted, “Crystal did the same thing all Asian girls do – flip flop over the other woman of color to be accepted by the pretty white girls.”

Crystal is a proud member of the AAPI community, speaking out earlier this year amid the rise in Asian hate crimes in the U.S.

“Despite being the fastest growing racial and ethnic group in the country, despite consisting of 20 million people with roots in more than 20 countries, the racism, discrimination and disparities experienced by many Asian Americans are often overlooked,” she wrote in the caption of a March 4 Instagram post.

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She added, “Asian Americans suffer from the racism of being made invisible. Those notions, which suggest that Asian Americans are outsiders who don’t face disadvantages, make it possible for them to be seen as acceptable targets — and contribute to the spate of violence seen over the past year. We will no longer be silent or invisible any more.”

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