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False alarm Johnny Rose fans!

Earlier this week, a Schitt’s Creek lover accidentally sent people into a tizzy after falsely mourning the death of actor Eugene Levy on Twitter. The person wrote in a since-deleted tweet:

“Eugene Levy was such a gift. It’s so sad to watch knowing he is no longer here.”

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As we mentioned before, do not worry as the claim is false. The 74-year-old father’s son Dan Levy reacted to the post on Friday, saying:

Thankfully, it was all just a misunderstanding as the social media user subsequently apologized for the gaffe:

“I’m sooo sorry! I thought he had passed last year. Everything has been such a blur the last year. I’m happy to know he’s fine. I’m so embarrassed.”

The woman continued in another note:

“I stupidly thought Eugene Levy had passed away last year. I am watching Schitt’s Creek for the first time, & was super sad because Eugene is such a gift. I deleted the original tweet because I was mortified & also didn’t want anyone to think it was true now that I know he’s ok.”

You know, a global pandemic really can discombobulate people — even into thinking a beloved TV dad has passed. The person later revealed they had actually confused Eugene with Fred Willard, who died in May 2020.

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Following the fiasco, many fans of the series proceeded to joke about the error on social media. One supporter said to the former host:

“He had better have been sitting right next to you when you tweeted that.”

Another referenced an episode of the sitcom:

“It’s like that time the press killed moira.”

Mistakes happen, but we suggest googling first before you tweet! LOLz!

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