Here’s what the cast of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off looks like now

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Matthew Broderick, now 61, went on to star in a string of hit films through the ’90s, including Godzilla, Election and Inspector Gadget. He also voiced Simba in 1994’s The Lion King.

Broderick has also had a successful stage musical career – he had a leading role in Broadway show The Producers and its movie adaptation.

He is married to Sarah Jessica Parker and the couple have three kids.


While reflecting on filming the 1986 movie on the Hollywood Reporter’s It Happened In Hollywood podcast, Broderick shared his memories of the late director, John Hughes.

The actor admitted there was some tension on-set between himself and the famous director after they filmed some test footage.

”That was a big drama. When the footage came back, he said none of us were ‘fun to watch.’ ” Broderick recalled.

“We were ‘boring’ in our tests. Actually, some of us he did like, but some he did not, and I was one he did not.”

The ’80s actor said he was taken aback by Hughes’ frankness and wasn’t used to the criticism as a newcomer to Hollywood.

”So to have [Hughes] say, ‘I’m not used to having somebody be so dead,’ or whatever he said to me. I wasn’t really ‘in it’ or something,” he explained.

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“That happened, and I said, ‘So get somebody you like.’

“He was somebody who could get angry at you.”

Hughes, who was the brains behind other ’80s flicks such as Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club, died in 2009 at age 59 from a heart attack.

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