Interlabial pads are the new period product taking over TikTok – and it’s genius


Seeing the words ‘interlabial pads’ pop up all over the place? Hold tight, we’re about to explain… 

TikTok can give you all the answers these days, it seems, from the best hair tutorials, most glowing make-up tips, best sisterly advice, fitness routines, and now the best way to handle your period.

Yes, there is actually a whole community breaking the shame surrounding periods on #PeriodTok, with content creators and brands sharing tips, tricks and everything in between to help you go with the flow during your monthly cycle. And the latest period-related thing going viral on the popular social media app is interlabial pads.

Don’t stress if you haven’t heard of them before. We only found out about them recently from user @seweco, and we’re here to give you all the deets. 


In the video posted, Sew Eco’s founder can be seen holding a petal-shaped product up to the camera and explaining: “An interlabial pad is something that can help slow down the flow of your period. So some people have really gushy periods, and their pad doesn’t have enough time to absorb all of that blood, and so it can leak onto the wings, or the pad just doesn’t last very long.”

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She then goes on to demonstrate how to fold the small product, nothing that some people may prefer to roll the pad or others may wear if flat on their pad. We like choices. 

Making it clear where the product should go, she continues: “It doesn’t go inside the vagina, it just sits in between your labia. Basically, when it’s sitting in between your labia, when you have a gush of the flow of blood, then it will catch the majority of it so that your pad has more of a chance to absorb it and also last longer.

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“So after you have a gush, you can remove this and then continue to wear the pad underneath, so you always use these with a backup pad.”

She also adds that they come in large, medium and small sizes, and also advises people to position the pad near their bottom if they’re more prone to a heavy flow at night when they sleep.

The idea of the product was welcomed by others in the comment section, with one writing: “Love this! Everything you mentioned is super relatable and loved the way you spoke about it all, can’t wait to get one.”

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Another person added: “I’m a specialist womens health physio and a these are a genius idea!” while a fourth said: “That’s so clever! I had no idea this was even a thing!”

Someone who had already tried it out gushed: “Your products are amazing! The quality is and design is beautiful!!”

This sounds just as interesting (and useful!) as it looks, and frankly, we’d do anything to make our time of the month more comfortable, so we definitely would like to give this a go. 

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