Jimmy Fallon Tests ‘The Voice’ Coaches’ Knowledge Of Rock Trivia In ‘That’s My Jam’


By Brent Furdyk.

A fresh clip from Jimmy Fallon’s new primetime series “That’s My Jam” finds the host donning an ’80s-style wig for a game of “Air Guitar” with “The Voice” coaches Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson.

The game works like this: Fallon asks multiple-choice questions — in a faux British accent, no less — testing their knowledge of rock trivia, with a wrong answer resulting in a blast of blast of air and confetti in the face, or the correct answer blasting the opposing team.


The first question went to Clarkson and Legend, asking whether Lil Wayne’s original rap name was Young Mackerel, Shrimp Daddy or MC Caviar. Based on the fact that Lil Wayne hails from Louisiana and isn’t very tall, Legend correctly guessed Shrimp Daddy — blasting their opponents with enough air to blow Grande’s wig right off her head.

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The next question went to Shelton and Grande, asking them to identify which of the three possible answers is not a rock band’s actual merch: a Weezer snuggie called the Wuggie; the Post Malone Temporary Face Tattoo Set; or Red Hot Chili Peppers hot sauce.

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Surmising that Post Malone is not a band but an individual, Grande guessed the temporary face tattoo set was the fake merch — and she was wrong, leading her and Shelton to be blasted with air again.

The next question had a personal angle, asking Clarkson and Legend whether the name of Grande’s pet pig is Piggy Smallz, Notorious P.I.G. or Ty Dolla Swine. — which Clarkson correctly guessed, once again blasting Grande’s wig off.

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Watch the video above and find out whether Clarkson and Legend survive unscatched with the final question.

A new episode of “That’s My Jam” premieres on Monday, Jan. 1, with Josh Groban and Alessia Cara taking on Chance the Rapper and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.



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