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Kaitlynn Carter has a new boyfriend — and this one sounds like a keeper!

The Hills: New Beginnings star gave fans a major update on her love life while co-hosting the iHeartRadio podcast Scrubbin’ In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad, revealing to Becca Tilley that she’s been in a relationship since May, and is very much into how “chill” the new romance is! She dished:

“I have a boyfriend and we’ve been dating since May and everything is going really well. A lot of friends will ask me, ‘How is everything going?’ and all I can ever say is, ‘It’s going really well,’ because it’s like the most seamless, chill relationship.”

The reality star went on to gush over her new man, and indirectly (maybe??) throw some shade at her exes, sharing:


“I’ve never had a relationship that was just easy and I don’t want to put anybody else down, but I feel like he’s the first adult I’ve ever dated. He’s more mature than me by far.”

Wow! The “first adult” she’s ever dated?? Even if Kait didn’t intend to put anyone down, it’s hard not to take that as a subtle jab at Brody Jenner and Miley Cyrus.

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As fans know, the 32-year-old made headlines for ending her years-long relationship with Caitlyn Jenner’s son in 2019 before quickly moving on with the pop star. The blogger and songstress enjoyed a brief, yet memorable summer fling before going their separate ways, and Kait has kept her love life private ever since.

Until now, that is. The MTV star was more than happy to spill the tea on her new relationship during the latest podcast ep, saying of her new man:

“His name is Kris and he’s the founder and creative director of a company called Brock Collection. He’s a fashion designer and I’d like to say he’s the gayest straight man I know. He’s so into fashion.”


The New Hampshire native described Kris as a “ranch guy” from Texas who is handy and “a dream,” and also clarified an earlier statement she made about keeping her romances private.

She explained:

“I made the mistake of saying when I was on Nick Viall’s podcast that I was never going to have a public relationship again and everything was going to be private and I think what I meant by that was just that I don’t want to have a relationship that is in the tabloids. I don’t want to do overly public things.”

An interesting perspective coming from a reality star!

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Of course, Kait also admitted that she wouldn’t want to keep her relationships a secret either, musing:

“I would not appreciate that if I was dating somebody and they were hiding me.”

Whether or not it becomes tabloid fodder, Kait’s new romance will most likely be discussed on the new season of The Hills, which kicked off filming in October and is set to last through February 2021 pending coronavirus restrictions. She said of the new season:

“We’re having a lot of fun. And I feel like we’re making a really good show this time around.”

Hopefully, her new man isn’t too adult to make a cameo or three!

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