Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back On Social Media At Criticism Of Her Recent Nike Ad—“Ya’ll So Fake Woke”


Roommates, as we’ve seen time and again, social media is a breeding ground for celebrity criticism—and while many A-listers choose not to respond, some, like Megan Thee Stallion, use the opportunity to clap back. Following the release of her recent Nike ad, a commenter on social media decided to let their feelings be known about Megan Thee Stallion…and she responded with tons of shade.

When a comment on Twitter read, “Stop following celebrities who speak of “Mindfulness” and “Vibes” constantly. It’s all a facade, especially considering their own musics frequency is in the gutter. See through the Bulls**t. Practice Discernment and Most importantly stop being so easily mislead! Use of profanity during mediation and random noises. Who on earth can meditate to that? Recognise meditation IS NO GAME.” Megan Thee Stallion was ready will a lengthy clapback.

She posted the following in response:

“Constantly? The message of the video is although you might be going through a hard time it won’t last long… Y’all so fake woke on this app it’s ridiculous. Idgaf how YOU feel abt my music it’s obviously making SOMEONE feel good abt themselves. Stop talking abt people you don’t know… stop worrying abt s**t that don’t have s**t to do with you … stop talking abt s**t you don’t like stop talking to people you don’t want a response from… like duh.”


Megan The Stallion’s Nike ad, encouraging her fans, known as “Hotties,” to embrace the practice of meditating and mindfulness, was released earlier this month.


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