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Da 5 Bloods Reviews Praise Spike Lee’s Powerful New Netflix Movie

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A new Spike Lee-directed movie is always cause for excitement, and the upcoming Da 5 Bloods sounds like one of Lee’s best. Being released to Netflix this Friday, the movie is already receiving widespread critical acclaim making it the right time to climb aboard the hype train.

“A compelling treasure hunt story, with an extremely powerful undercurrent that’s provided by the history of our country, and the deep scars of war.”

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This from Sean O’Connell over at Cinemablend, who gave the Spike Lee Joint a perfect score of 5 stars, has Da 5 Bloods sounding like something very special indeed. Meanwhile, Peter Bradshaw over at The Guardian, a critic who also awarded the movie with a perfect score of 5 out of 5, described the movie as something akin to organized, artistically wonderful chaos.


“It’s an outrageous action painting of a film, splattering moods, genres, ideas and archive clips all over the screen – with many a Brechtian-vaudeville alienation.”

The Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday was slightly less enamored with Da 5 Bloods, though she still felt the movie deserved a near-perfect score, and could not help but note the movie’s timeliness.

“Spike Lee’s ‘Da 5 Bloods’ may be flawed, but it arrives at a time when it feels urgent.”

Bilge Ebiri over at Vulture adored the movie, and made some bold claims with regards to where Da 5 Bloods stands amongst director Spike Lee’s iconic back catalog.

“Pulling us out of our comfort zone has been part of Spike Lee’s project since the earliest days of his career. Da 5 Bloods is his agit-prop action movie. … It is one of the greatest films Spike Lee has ever made.”

On the slightly lower end of the critical scale, Clarisse Loughrey from The Independent felt that Da 5 Bloods was a somewhat more middling effort, arguing that the movie has so much that it wants to say and do that it can sometimes feel weighed down by its own ideas.

“Da 5 Bloods is so busy with ideas, thoughts, and passions that, at times, it feels like it’s drowning in them.”

So, it certainly sounds Da 5 Bloods will be worth checking out, with the movie considered a Spike Lee masterpiece by some. Even the lesser reviews from several critics still found much to enjoy, appreciating what Lee has set out to achieve.

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Da 5 Bloods follows four African American Vietnam veterans who return to Vietnam in search of the remains of their fallen squad leader and the promise of buried treasure. These heroes battle forces of humanity and nature while confronted by the lasting ravages of the immorality of the Vietnam War. The movie stars Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Clarke Peters, Norm Lewis, Isiah Whitlock Jr., and Chadwick Boseman. Da 5 Bloods was originally written by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo back in 2013, with the script then re-worked by Spike Lee and Kevin Willmott following the pair’s BlacKkKlansman in 2018. Da 5 Bloods is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2020, by Netflix.

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