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[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A woman who has found success on OnlyFans just had her world turned upside down when she discovered that her biological dad was one of her top-paying and most consistent customers. According to 21-year-old Karla Ramirez, her dad has allegedly been buying her OnlyFans content “through not one but two accounts” for more than a year. And not only that, she discovered the whole situation after reportedly holding a phone call with the man, during which she realized she could hear her mother’s voice in the background! Holy s**t!!!

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In a series of TikTok videos explaining the situation over the last several days, Karla laid it all out. The online star first explained it to her TikTok followers in a clip with a text overlay, explaining that the man who she quickly determined was her dad apparently forgot to mute his microphone while on a paid sexual phone call with her (below):


“When my dad yes, my DAD has been buying my OF through not one but two accounts, and was a personal client of mine on both accounts for over a year, and the only way I found out is because he called me to ‘play with myself for $150 and I could hear my mum in the back ground talking on the phone.”


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Here’s the clip (below):


Lmao did you know it’s not illegal for your FARTHER TO BUY YOUR NUDES.

♬ original sound – Ellzz ????

Understandably horrified when she put it all together, Karla then cycled through a series of “Storytime” follow-up vids on the social media site.

For one, she explained she’d moved out of her parents’ house when she was just 16 years old, and hadn’t talked to her father in the years since. Disgusted by finding out that he’d been following her adult content online, she acknowledged she’d suspected something funny about that particular follower for a while, and said in one vid:

“I should have just known. I should have just known from the get-go that something was off.”

She went on, explaining that she called the police about the horrific situation, and then rushed to her parents’ house to confront her father. As she told it, she began to yell at her dad while he allegedly tried to prove his innocence by denying that he had the accounts linked on his phone. Karla, who says she never specifically revealed why she was there to confront him before getting in his face about it, said in another TikTok that “it was just so obvious” as to why he was apologizing preemptively:

“I go inside and I started beating him. I’m your daughter you sick f**k and my my mom was yelling at me to stop. … He just knew why I was there. It was just so obvious. He already knew why I was there and he was just trying to cover his ass.”

Here’s the full clip:


Reply to @madiolv

♬ original sound – Karla

SO unsettling…

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Karla went on to explain that she believes her dad has allegedly been catfishing her ever since she was in middle school by using fake Facebook and Snapchat accounts. And far, far worse, she accused her father of allegedly sexually assaulting her and putting her in a position to allegedly be molested when she was a very young girl, as she explained in this heartbreaking TikTok video:


Reply to @james.dot #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Karla

She even reveals in that clip that her father allegedly sent her money to rate his d*ck pics via Snapchat, as well. We’re beyond disgusted.

What the f**k?!

We honestly can’t even believe she would have to deal with something like this. And to find out how she did, too! Sick to our stomach doesn’t even begin to cover it… What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take on this terrible situation down in the comments (below)…

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