Preparing your hair before your next salon appointment is the secret to the best cut and colour you’ll ever have


Many of us rock up to the hairdresser with slightly frazzled, second day hair. After all, we’re there to have our hair washed, our split ends tended to and our colour renewed, so why would we show up with perfectly prepared hair? 

According to Tom Smith, hairdresser and Evo Hair international creative colour director, there are certain things we should all be doing to maximise our appointments at the hairdresser, no matter what treatment you want done. Not only will you leave with enhanced results, but you’ll also prolong the time in between your appointments, helping your salon-fresh look last longer. 

The perfect preparation should start two weeks before your scheduled appointment time, and only applies if you regularly use a toning product like purple shampoo. “Two weeks before your appointment, quit toning you hair at home,” says Tom. “Purple shampoo or colour-boosting home-toners are fantastic to keep your colour looking salon fresh, but allow them to wash away a bit before you see your stylist so they can get a clear view of where your hair is without them.” If your hair has toner in it, your colourist won’t be able to know exactly what quantities of dyes to mix to achieve the colour your want.  

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The next tip applies to everyone who wants to have their hair cut or coloured at their next appointment. “One week beforehand, do Olaplex No.3 Treatment,” recommends Tom. “It’s a great way to boost your the quality of hair before your appointment. The healthier the hair, the more options we’ll have with your colour plan and the less we’ll have to cut off (if your goal is to grow your hair).”


Another consideration for the week prior to your appointment is to consider a hair detox. “If you live in a hard water area, swim frequently, of feel your hair is susceptible to build up from product or pollution, using a deep cleansing shampoo or a mineral remover such as Color Wow Dream Filter will ensure your hair is clean and prepared to receive any chemical services safely and effectively,” he says.

The final tip is one we can all benefit from and should be done the day before your appointment. “It’s a myth that your hair should be dirty for your hair appointment,” says Tom. “Most hairstylists prefer to work on relatively clean hair – the exception being if you’re having a scalp bleaching service, where a little build up of natural oils will actually help to protect your scalp from irritation.” You wouldn’t go to the dentist without brushing your teeth, would you? 

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