Queen Naija Explains Why Chris Sails Only Gets To See Their Son With Limited Visitation – The Shade Room


On Wednesday, Chris Sails took to Twitter and posted a message about not being able to see his son C.J. who he shares with Queen Naija.

He tweeted, “You break somebody heart that’s one thing. But trying to take they child away and give them a limited amount of time for 1 month the whole year is dead wrong.” He continued, “Smh…it’s fathers who don’t wanna be in they child life at all. I guess that’s what I get.”

Shortly after Queen Naija stepped into The Shade Room and made it clear that Chris should be lucky that he still gets to see his son, after a few situations that have taken place.

She posted, “[Hat emoji] he gets to see his son at least a week out of each month. He’s mad he only gets one month out of the summer.” Queen Naija continued, “Based on the situations CJ has been put in while in his father’s care..and the evidence I have in my files..I’m being very lenient, so let’s tread lightly. I’m protecting my son. Hate when ppl play victim.”


She also added, “Also, everyone with their 2cents could save it cause y’all speaking on only what y’all have seen not knowing there’s more. Apart of being a parent is leading by example.”

If you recall, Chris was arrested for assault last year while his son was with him. Queen Naija, then, took to social media with a post and delete saying she was looking for the whereabouts of her son, as she didn’t know where he was at the time. Thankfully, she was able to find CJ safe and sound.

Hopefully these two can form a healthy co-parenting relationship.


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