RHOP Wendy Osefo Shares Real Reason Behind Mia Feud, “Big Confrontation” That Didn’t Air, and 2nd Season Curse


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Wendy Osefo explains why “Zen Wen” lashed out so quickly at Mia Thornton on a recent episode and addresses their online feud before dishing on the “second season curse” and teasing what fans can expect in season six.

As Wendy and Mia attempted to discuss their issues on the July 25 episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Wendy quickly popped off and wouldn’t allow Mia to get a word in, leaving her co-stars in shock. But according to the professor, she was already heated prior to Mia’s arrival due to a huge fight she had with Gizelle Braynt, which didn’t make it to air.


“Me and Gizelle got into a big argument right before Mia walked in, right before anyone walked in,” she revealed on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. “And Gizelle had confronted me because she didn’t like the way that I told Robyn [Dixon] at my Nude Interlude not to jump in when Gizelle and Karen [Huger] were talking. So once that happened, my energy was completely off. And so you guys see me making a face, I was like squirming, and I was like ready to leave because there was a whole, big confrontation that happened… and then Mia walks in.”

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Though she and Mia had a rough start, Wendy claims it “doesn’t last long” because they’ve moved past it. But, as fans have likely seen, the two have been slamming one another via social media with Wendy calling Mia a “flip-flopper” and a “liar,” while Mia accused the political commentator of defaming her. However, Wendy said she has no “ill will” towards Mia as she was simply narrating what was transpiring on the show, which Mia doesn’t understand because she’s the new girl.

“So what happens a lot of times for new people is that they may not understand the dynamics at play,” she quipped. “And what happened was an episode was airing, and we tweet to narrate to the viewers what’s happening. I think she thought my tweet was reflective of how I feel now versus me narrating to people through the current episode that we’re on. And I think that’s where we missed each other. And she’s new.”

Wendy is also relatively new to the show as she’s currently in her sophomore season. And as fans well know, many housewives have claimed there’s a “second season curse,” but does the mother-of-three believe in the so-called curse?

“Yes, it’s absolutely true,” she proclaimed. “I wish someone would have told me!”

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“I went into my second season like, ‘Oh I got this! I know the ladies, [and] we have a rapport,” she continued. “And I just felt like I walked into the biggest tsunami of my life.”

As for what fans can expect from the ladies this season, Wendy teased plenty of “fractured relationship” and drama ahead.

“I think that what you guys are going to see [is] fractured relationships and fractured areas of trust. And it leaves a big question mark on how can we move on after such as happened,” she shared. “But then on the same note, you guys will also see a rekindling of relationships. You guys will see new bonds form. So this season, if I can sum it up, it’s a lot of giving, but it’s also a lot of taking. For every relationship gained this season, there is two relationships lost.”

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