Ryan Reynolds Pokes Fun At His ‘Sesame Street’ Appearance With Innuendo-Filled Tweet


Ryan Reynolds poked fun at his “Sesame Street” appearance on Twitter Sunday.

The Canadian actor responded to a fan who commented on the episode, which aired on November 5, 2010, mocking the “A-hole” he had to push his head through for “The A Team” segment.

The group had to perform a song using words beginning with the letter “A” for the skit.

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“Watching a little @sesamestreet with the kiddo, and its an episode with @VancityReynolds and the gang doing an A-Team gag. Its a delight, for both me and the kiddo,” the social media user wrote, alongside some screen grabs.

Reynolds, who clearly struggled to hold it together during the segment, then joked, “I remember how challenging it was to sing because the A-hole was so tight.

“But I pushed through because kids all over the country were counting on me.”

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Zach Braff was among social media users responding to the star’s innuendo-filled post:



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