‘SNL’: Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney Say Goodbye


Perhaps to prepare us all — give us time to make banners to wave at home or restock our tissue supply — some SNL news broke Friday, the eve of the show’s season 47 finale: Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, and Kyle Mooney would all be leaving the cast after one final show. (Though their colleague, Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che, has been talking lately about making a similar move, it had not been confirmed as of this writing whether the finale would end his SNL run, too.) No cast member may ever get a sendoff as elaborate as Kristen Wiig’s, ten seasons ago, but the farewells did kick off early.

You can tell this episode is special for the ways the cold open breaks from what is now common practice. First, the host (Natasha Lyonne) is in it; second: it’s not topical. Instead, it’s another iteration of a sketch we’ve seen several times on SNL: a trio of UFO experiencers being interviewed by officials at the Pentagon. Both Lyonne’s character and her left-hand neighbor (Cecily Strong) have had transcendent, joyful interactions with the aliens they’ve encountered; McKinnon reprises her role as Colleen Rafferty, who’s had plenty of visits with aliens, all of them weird.

This time, they catch her with her “wonderwear” down (she calls it that because “if you saw them, you’d wonder where they’d been”), then become fascinated by her unruly pubes: “Why clean the house if nobody’s coming over, right?” Somehow, this extremely hairy sketch takes an unexpectedly moving turn.

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Bryant and Davidson saved their goodbyes for Weekend Update. Bryant was up first, joining Bowen Yang in a new installment of their Trend Forecasters segment. If you need to know what’s ahead in the worlds of fruit, greetings, and time, this report has you completely covered. (“The kitchen’s closed” is a time, and it is ON NOTICE.) Bryant and Yang close it up with sweet words for each other, and for Che.


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Davidson later appeared at the Update desk as himself, as he has many times over his tenure. He acknowledges the viewers who had only tuned in to see if he would “bring up Kanye [West]”; confirms that he is really, truly leaving; reopens the Dan Crenshaw scandalette of 2018 — and why not, since it became relevant again this week; and finally got visibly emotional describing what his time at SNL has meant to him.


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Update also had time for Alex Moffat to pop in as a Guy Who Just Bought A Boat — a vessel which may have come with a Big Book Of Sex/Travel Puns, since what this Guy primarily wants to talk about is where to take a lady on your boat in order to make her want to have sex with you. I would not have bet on NBC Standards And Practices clearing this character’s lewd pun on Positano, but the season’s over; maybe they knocked off early.

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