Stephen Colbert Wearily Recaps ‘The Week That Felt Like A Year’ In Rare Friday Show


What a week it was, and a somewhat weary Stephen Colbert took it upon himself in a rare Friday appearance to try and recapture all of its nuances and news in one monologue.

Colbert opened by rubbing his eyewear, admitting that the long stretch of intensity left him wonering “whether my glasses are dirty or my corneas won’t focus anymore.”

The Late Night host divided the last week into Tuesday (“The fun night”) and Wednesday (“The bad day”).

“I was going to talk about the winners headed to the Senate, when these losers headed to the Senate,” he quipped.


Colbert admitted he was riveted by touchscreens in the Georgia election coverage, although his own efforts to translate the numbers was a little rough.

He also found time to honor newly elected Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff, or as Colbert called him, “The boy demanding bedtime be pushed to 9:15 PM.”

He also noted how Kamala Harris will essentially remain a Senator, even though she is now Vice President, because she will be frequently called on to be the tiebreaking vote in a Senate divided along party lines 50-50. He noted the irony of paying her for only one job when she’ll be performing two.

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Watch the rest of the monologue above.

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