These Leaked Photos Of Harry Styles Dressed As The Little Mermaid Are HOT! – Perez Hilton


Didn’t think you could be more sexually confused by/attracted to Harry Styles? Too bad!

A series of photos from his Saturday Night Live shoot back in 2019 have leaked online, and in the adventurous pics, he’s wearing full-on The Little Mermaid cosplay. We’re talking a form-fitting fishtail bottom, a seashell bra, a bright red wig, and NOTHING ELSE!

It is so freakin’ hot! Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, and that is EVERYWHERE these photos are being seen right now!

Video: Harry Styles’ Viral Sara Lee Sketch Left Company SO CONFUSED!


For whatever reason SNL chose not to release the pics for real; they do predate his famous dress-wearing Vogue spread by over a year, so maybe he saw that controversy coming and wasn’t yet ready for it? Or maybe it was because he had just passed on the role of Prince Eric in the live action remake and worried the move would feel like a dig?

Unfortunately, as we said, that means what we’re seeing are leaks. That means they’re getting taken down left and right at request of the copyright holder.

Obviously it’s the internet, so it’s impossible to completely erase them, but we suggest you make these pics part of your world while you can, HERE or HERE.

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[Image via Disney/YouTube/WENN/Avalon.]

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