This body-positive influencer clapped backed at someone telling her to shave her toes with this amazing photo


Instagram is rife with body positivity… but sadly it’s also full of d**** who think we care what they have to say.

This is exactly what body positive influencer @yours_sincerley_bekki discovered when she posted a photo of her feet on her Instagram page and was met with some downright disgusting comments.

Bekki, who dubs herself a ‘skin and body positivity advocate’, posted a photo of her feet on her Instagram page and someone replied saying ‘shouldn’t you shave your toes?’. Rather than hitting them back in the comments section, she brilliantly took it one step further and shared an empowering snap of her feet in all their glory with ‘No?’ painted on her toe nails. 

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Alongside the picture, she wrote: “Dear Trolls, These are MY toes and I DO NOT need to shave them. You can shave YOUR toes and mind YOUR OWN BUSINESS TOO 😬♥️ Yours sincerely, Bekki with the hairy toes 🍄” Although the photo was posted last summer, it has picked up momentum again and has amassed thousands of likes and comments from supportive fans.

The new mum felt compelled to post her clap back after receiving comments such as ‘that’s f****** disgusting, ‘excuse me whilst I throw up’ and ‘awful, you need a good pedi’ after posting previous photos of her feet on her social channels.

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Thankfully the majority of her followers were quick to praise her empowering message in the comments section. “Congratulations on standing up to jerks. You have wonderful toes. I wish I could see more of them,” wrote one followers, whilst another added: “These could be my toes! Chipped nail polish from whenever was the last time I bothered to paint them 😂, and yes hair on my toes, because why the hell would I shave my toes? Or any other part of my body if I don’t want to for that matter. People who post negative comments on other people’s bodies really don’t have anything better to do with their lives…” We couldn’t agree more.

Haven’t shaved your pits? Awesome. Your belly hair? So what. Legs, chin, moustache, toes… hair is normal – even in the weirdest places. 

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